Anhui Medical University

Formerly known as Shanghai South-eastern Medical College, Anhui Medical College is one amongst the key universities in Anhui Province.

After the relocation to its current place, it was renamed as Anhui Medical University China in 1966. Students in Anhui Medical University are enrolled from Korea, Japan, America, Canada, Australia, Europe and south Asia and with this it accounts for over 3000 international students in China.

Campus of Anhui Medical University is impressive and easily accessible. Due to this, Anhui Medical University China has also succeeded in promoting combination of teaching, inter-disciplinary scientific researches and clinical activities, worldwide.

Anhui Medical University further aims at its most important move i.e. combining medical research with its strength of medication which was the realization of the necessity for expansion of campus.

In addition to this, this will also lead to establishment of additional affiliated hospitals for students practice and training of young scientists.

Speaking about the teaching and research building of Anhui Medical University, it never fails to provide its students with both returned as well as domestic overseas scientists with internet access and well-equipped laboratories.

More About The Anhui Medical University

Anhui Medical University Currently Has 22 Laboratories, 20 Faculties And 46 Institutes That Are Partially Funded By Local Government of China. Curriculum of Anhui Medical University Balances And Maintains Universal Standard And Also Its Degree Is Recognized Globally.

As far as Anhui Medical University ranking is considered, it is positioned 23rd amongst the top 10 universities in China.

Furthermore, Anhui Medical University comprises of 4 directly affiliated hospitals with more than 4000 beds. Anhui Medical University also offers the students to do internships in their home country or in China as per their convenience.

Associated with proud history, the Anhui Medical University and is also first authorized university to enroll post-doctoral student and PhD aspirants in the Anhui province. In addition to this, Anhui Medical University is been considered to be as the famous center for pursuing a medical research, higher medical education and medical treatment.

Affiliations Of Anhui Medical University China

With regards to the close links that Anhui Medical University has built up with comprehensive universities and medical colleges of Asian, American and European countries, its international cooperation and communication is mentioned below:

  • Harvard University (USA)
  • NIH (USA)
  • Mayo clinic in USA
  • Alberta Center for international Education (Canada)
  • Sino-Canada Children Foundation (Canada)
  • Hanseo University (Korea)
  • National Orei University (Russia)
  • Chiba University (Japan)
  • Semui Institute (Japan)
  • University of Bari (Italy)
  • Karolinska Institute of Sweden
  • Karolinska Medical institute (Sweden)
  • University of Heidelberg (Germany)
  • University of Ulm (Germany)
  • Allergy Research Centre of Denmark
  • Osnabruck University of applied sciences of Germany
  • Hannour Medical University in Germany
  • Middiesex University (Britain)
  • Institute of Royal Academy of Social science for Brain research(Netherlands)
  • The university of Waikato (New Zealand)
  • The university of France-Comte (France)

Cost To Study MBBS At Anhui Medical University, China

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5
Course Fee (in CNY) 30000 30000 30000 30000 30000


Requirements For Admission In Anhui Medical University China

  • Applicants should have good command over the English language as all programs and courses at Anhui Medical University are taught in English. Only those applicants are selected who use English as their second language or mother tongue. In addition to this, reading, speaking, writing and skills of English listening are tested. For those students in China who present English language as their mother tongue, are asked to provide an eligible score of 5.5 in IELTS /at least 61 TOEFEL score or any equivalent certificate to prove the same.
  • Recipients of Undergraduate scholarship are recommended to register for the Chinese-taught credit course and are required to take up one-year preparatory course before they decide to enroll for master studies.
  • Once the undergraduate accomplishes their secondary education in China or if have a valid HSK certificate, are eligible for preparatory course exemption. Kindly note that HSK results are only valid up to 2 years.
  • For the students in China, who have proficiency in Chinese language are free to apply for the Chinese-taught credit score courses.
  • Candidates for doctoral program are required to prove their master degree diploma, recommendation letter from at least 2 professors/associate professors, Master’s thesis and research plan.
  • For bachelor degree: students are mandatorily required to provide high school certificate and must have passed Physics, English, Chemistry and Biology graduation exams. And the respective cores must be at least B+ or above 70%.
  • For the applicants of postgraduate programs: students are asked to present bachelor degree certificate, research plans and recommendation letter from at least 2 professors/associate professors.
  • For the doctoral aspirants: applicants are expected to provide their master degree certificate, recommendation letter from at least 2 professors/associate professors, Master’s thesis and research plan.

Additionally, the applicant should not have any adverse record and submit proofs of their graduation sheet, exam result, identity card and most importantly must be aged between 18-30 years.

After this, the applicants are asked to provide letter of authorization of guardianship and must be healthy (this is proved by showing a passed health check-up certificate). Also, applicants must have enough financial support to pay up fees.

Accommodation Facilities And Information:

Level of Education

Type of Room

Location of Accommodation

Separate Washrooms

Separate Bathrooms

Broadband &  Internet Access


Other Facilities


Double Room

On Campus





Fridge, balcony, public kitchen, laundry room


Double Room

On Campus





Fridge, balcony, public kitchen, laundry room

Doctoral Candidates

Single Room

On Campus





Fridge, balcony, public kitchen, laundry room

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