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Kunming Medical University was established in the year 1933 as a government institute in the city of Kunming, China. The campus covers an area of 125.4 hectares. Kunming Medical University in China was initiated with the purpose of educating students in the field of medicine.

In the year 1993, University of Kunming was listed among the higher institutes of Yunnan province. Later in the year 2012, the college was renamed as Kunming Medical University , after the evaluation of “The Ministry of Education of China”.

Kunming Medical University also has 5 research institutes, 9 affiliated hospitals, 9 teaching hospitals, 39 practice hospitals, 9 forensic medicine sites and 2 optical practice sites.

The University of Kunming library has a collection of 100,000 books and shares a network of National literature. Its affiliated hospitals have over 9,800 beds which admit over 3000 patients every day.

Kunming Medical University China has conducted 800 scientific researches, since its inception and is awarded for the same at national and provincial level.

Why MBBS In China?

MBBS in China for Indian students is a good option and many factors make this statement credible. A China MBBS in English Medium makes a student eligible for many Entrance Exams like USMLE, PLAB, HPCSA, MCI etc. An MBBS Program in China is globally recognized.

MBBS China English is considered at par with degrees from many International top universities. Admission in MBBS in China is also direct and hassle free.

Another benefit is the affordable MBBS in China Fee structure and living cost. Studying Medicine in China also gives an exposure to international culture as many students come from various countries.

An existence of numerous large hospitals and considerable patient inflow also give good practical exposure during MBBS degree in China.

Living In China

China is located on the continent of Asia and is the most populated country in the world. Its population is still increasing consistently. Beijing is known as the capital of china and is a home to 20.18 million people.

China is a large country that eclipses over 9.7 sq. km. There is no specific religion in china; however, most people follow either Buddhist or Taoist beliefs.

China has complete freedom of religion as long as the religious group is recognized by the government. Due to this, there are numerous religions that are practiced throughout the country.

China has sweltering summers and chilly winters. Summer lasts from June to early September, with a daily temperature of about 28+°C (92°F). The north and central parts of china experiences continuous rainfall where the temperature reaches to 260C (790F).

During harsh winters the temperature reaches as low as -200C (-40F). Also in the months of January and February the temperatures goes below 100C (500F).

More Information About The University

Furthermore, Kunming Medical College has launched inter-institutional academic partnership and exchange programs for maintaining international cooperation.

Kunming Medical School has 100 medical schools worldwide. It has appreciated more than 60 scholars till date.

Kunming University of Science and Technology has medical schools and institutes in the following countries:

  • U.S.A
  • UK

In addition, Kunming Medical College has the following school and institutes:

  • School of Basic Medical Sciences
  • School of Clinical Medicine
  • School of Clinical Oncology
  • School of Stomatology
  • School of Forensic Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Pharmaceutical Science
  • School of Humanities and Social Science
  • School of Continuing Education
  • School of Advanced Vocational Education and Training
  • Haiyuan College
  • Institute of Health Science
  • Institute of Neuroscience
  • Institute of Higher Medical Education
  • Clinical Skill Training Center
  • Yunnan Key Laboratory of Pharmacology for Natural Products
  • Biomedical Engineering Research Center
  • Scientific Research Center

Fee Structure

Category Tuition(Yuan/Year) Registration Fee
Undergraduate Programs(English-medium, MBBS) 30,000 500
Undergraduate Programs(Chinese-medium) 23,000 500
Master Programs 40,000 500
Doctoral Program 45,000 500
General Medical Training 23,000 500
Advanced Medical Training 32,000 500
Short-term Medical Programs Clinical Elective Programs 23,000 9,600?three months) 3,600?one/month) 500 400 300
Chinese Studies 12,000 300

2. Other expenses (RMB)

Category Fees Note
  Double Room 3,800/year/person  
4,800/year/person With air conditioner
Suite(four students share two rooms) 3400/year/person  
Accommodation (general student dormitory) 4,800/year/room One room can accommodate 2-4 people
Guest House Standard room 240/day/room  
Double Room 240/day/room  
Insurance 800/year Renew every year
Health Examination 500/year Only required on admission
Resident permit 5400/year Renew every year
Textbooks 400-500/year Actual expenses
Food 800-1200/month Actual expenses

Admission Procedure

  • 1. Submit the following documents to Section of Students Service, International Education School of KMU: Scan copy of application form (two pages):
      • First page: with photo pasted, name, date of birth, passport number shall be exactly same with the passport scan copy.
      • Second page: it is a guarantee letter which shall be signed by the applicant, and must be a scan copy.
    • Scan copy of photo page of passport.
    • Scan copy of physical check form with report of blood check.
    • Scan copy of senior high school graduate certificate.
    • Scan copy of senior high school transcript.
    • Scan copy of senior high school character certificate.
    • Scan copy of payment guarantee letter which must be signed by applicant’s parents. Remark: items with * are necessary materials.
  • 2. Application documents will be reviewed and verified by the end of August every year by KMU. Section of Students Service of International Education School will mail JW202 Form and Admission Notice from KMU to the qualified candidates.
  • 3. All the candidates shall register in Section of Students Service of International Education School on the dates specified in the Admission Notice. Candidates who are unable to register within two weeks after the deadline are considered as abandoning their application in KMU.

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