Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1 Is Germany a safe country to study?

    Yes, as far as the international standards are concerned, clearly it is the safest one. Apart from this, the cops are very much trustworthy and are ready to offer help, anytime, anywhere.

    The only thing you are supposed to do is call 100, if you have any problem, a rare instance. Doubtlessly, there is no reason to bother about the crime scenes in Germany. Feel free to move wherever you want in the country of Germany without safety concerns.

  • Q.2 Can I study in Germany for free?
  • Q.3 Why study in Germany?
  • Q.4 What are the requirements for study in Germany?
  • Q.5 So is Germany a good place to study?
  • Q.6 Can I Study in Germany for free?
  • Q.7 How much does it cost to study medicine in Germany?
  • Q.8 What are the minimum entry requirements including points?
  • Q.9 Is it mandatory to learn German language?
  • Q.10 How do I apply for college in Germany?