It is definitely worth provided you are clear about the road map to success. First of all differentiate between an agent and an Education consultant in your mind. Things to be taken care before you make your decision:

Do not go without MCI screening Test / FMGE coaching solution. Start preparing for this exam during your 5 years study. It would not work when you try to attend a crash course after you return. June, 2015 results was only 7% passing! So go for 5 Year FMGE Exam On Line Coaching. Choose A Grade Chinese medical universities for a super experience. Do not go for cheaper ‘C’ Grade universities. Choose universities allowing 5 year program with 1 year internship in India. Among A Grade, only China Medical University allows this, while many of the B Grade universities would allow you this. Among ‘B’ grades, Jilin University is one of the top 10 ones. It will save 1 year in your life. Do not worry about learning Chinese language since its required to learn only up to HSK 4 level (out of 12 levels) and it is just the basic! Remember, MCI screening Test and entrance test for PG (AIPGMEE) in India both have the same 19 subjects taught during MBBS program. Ultimately, if you prepare for MCI screening Test, you tend to get ready for PG level back in India!

Go for it guys, just do not worry in case you could not make it in Indian government medical colleges. They are far better than the private medical colleges of India.

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