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Xian Jiotong University

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University type
University Grade
Estd. Year
ECFMG Status
Program Type
Available Intake
Sep 2023
Medium of Course
World Rank
Total Course Fee
₹36.78 Lacs
Course Duration
5.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
About University
Xi’an Jiaotong University in China (XJTU) is a C9 league University which is the Chinese version of the ‘Ivy League’. What it means to you is that it is a great University to go to. XJTU educates in almost every field – engineering, technology, management, & life sciences. It proudly houses 5 national key laboratories and has 8 teaching Hospitals affiliated to it. The School of Medicine in XJTU was established more than 8 decades ago in 1937. In the North-West region, it is the only Medical University that is directly under the Chinese Ministry of Health. There are more than 4.5k students on the XJTU School of Medicine of which 40 are doctoral students, 900 PGs and the rest are doing their MBBS.


Overall 75% In 12th Grade
200+ in NEET, 2020 NEET Score also accepted.
Admission through Interview.

Fees Structure

University Fees Structure in CNY
Services Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fees400004000040000400004000040000
Hostel Fees870087008700870087008700
Other Fees728014001400140014001400

Campus Life

About Campus life
XJTU has 3 campuses – Xingqing, Yanta & Quijang – covering over 250 hectares among them. The library at the Xingqing campus has 5 million books. Also, there are more than 4k periodicals and another million eBooks. The campuses are beautiful and completely modernized. The internet is ubiquitously accessible through the campus network – the CERNET. For those who are interested in Sports, every athletic facility is arranged for. XJTU has an all-purpose facility for extra-curricular activities called the Siyuan Student Activities Center.

Hostel & Facilities

Hostel and facilities
The accommodation option at Xian Jiotong University consists of dormitories. The dormitories are based out of units where each unit has 2 dormitories. As many as 5 students can occupy one dormitory. There is a common space in the dorm. This space consists of a table, chairs, cabinets to store stuff, shower area, washroom, and doors leading to the individual rooms of the students so staying in that dorm. Along one of the walls of this common space are found rules & regulations written which are pertinent to living in dorm. You’re ought to pay for using hot showers in the dorm. You’ll be paying for this with an electronic card which you must tap outside the shower area and then proceed further. Likewise, you must also pay for the electricity if the usage is excessive. 

               As you enter a typical room of a dorm, you’ll find an ambience which can be described as compact and convenient. The dorm room has a bed beneath which you’re provided with ample space to store your luggage. Moreover, there’s study table, chair, shelves, window, air conditioner, etc. hence packed with all the essentials. You can add a mini fridge in your room so to store any food you’ve bought on your way to hostel. The facility for warming your room during winters consists of heating systems installed in the walls and the floor space. 

               Unique lights are installed in the corridors and other places you visit inside your hostel building which power up just as they sense movement nearby. At times, you might just have to stump on the floor so to light up the corridor in case the sensor does not detect your footsteps. The hostel building for international students is huge and suppose one stays at a higher floor, he has the option to reach the floor either by elevator or stairs. Inside the laundry area of the hostel, there is machine available to wash your footwear; steamer for removing wrinkles from your clothes and of course numerous washing machines. 

               Hostel building has CCTV cameras to ensure utmost safety. Likewise, students are allotted a card through which only the students can enter the premises and there’s no other way in for the students. Mess facility is available for the students yet if you’re running late for your class, you can just grab any ready-to-go snack or a beverage on way to the lecture hall from the vending machine nearby your hostel building. 


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