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Guangzhou Medical University

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University type
University Grade
Estd. Year
ECFMG Status
Program Type
Available Intake
Sep 2023
Medium of Course
World Rank
Total Course Fee
₹27.65 Lacs
Course Duration
5.8 Yrs of MBBS, Incl. Internship
Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
About University
Guangzhou Medical University (GMU) is more than 7 decades old which gives it the necessary qualification to be categorized as an ‘experienced University’. GMU boasts of 21 schools including School of Basic Medical Sciences. GMU has affiliations with 17 Hospitals – 10 direct and 7 indirect affiliations. These hospitals specialize in areas like Cancer, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Respiratory diseases, Neuropathy, Rehabilitation, minimally invasive surgery, primary care & so on. Such a variety of specializations ensures a very healthy exposure to the students. Roughly 1,500 UGs & 550 PGs enroll from China itself. As far as the international students are concerned, hundreds of students from Asian countries, especially India, study here. The Internship runs for approximately 48 weeks h/e, students need to reach HSK3 for this, But then, there always is the option of coming to India for Internship.


65% In PCB & 70% In English as a subject.
200+ In NEET, 2020 NEET Score also accepted.

Fees Structure

University Fees Structure in CNY
Services Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Tuition Fees300003000030000300003000030000
Hostel Fees600060006000600060006000
Other Fees738014001400140014001400

Campus Life

About Campus life
Guangzhou Medical University has 2 campuses – Panyu & Yuexiu. They cover an area of more than 350k Apart from the directly affiliated Hospitals, there are 22 colleges & 28 Research institutions. A lot of cultural activities keep happening in the campus that gives the students great opportunities to witness the culture of different nations. In 2018, for example, the 60th anniversary of the founding of the University was celebrated in the Panyu Campus Auditorium, The magnitude of the occasion can be judged by the fact that among other distinguished guests, was Jules Hoffman who is a Nobel Lauraeate.

Hostel & Facilities

Hostel and facilities
The Dormitory at Guangzhou Medical University spans over a vast area and has been built upon a great infrastructure. To the right of the Dormitory is the University mess where you can have meals. As you enter your dormitory building, you must tap your university card at the entrance to unlock the gates. From the reception of the building, you may climb the stairs or if you have had a tiring day at the classes, you may prefer the elevator facility given in your building. There are rooms provided to students on a sharing basis so you’d be having a roommate(s) too. Moreover, do not worry about your stuff getting mixed with that of your roommate since the University fulfills the need of essential commodities as per the room occupancy. Hence, there will be individual beds, study tables, cabinets, mattresses, pillows, etc. You also get air conditioner and heating facilities in your room. The beds would be bunk-styled in a way that there’s a wardrobe, study table, cabinet, etc. above which you have your bed. Further adding to your comfort, there is an attached bathroom and washroom and even a balcony in your room! As for internet facilities, you’re allotted 16GB of data from Hostel Wi-Fi without any cost. However, any internet usage exceeding this limit would be chargeable. The mess has many varieties of food available. Only that vegetarian food has less of variety. Anyway, you can cook your own food at the hostel kitchen if you may wish. 


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