Last Minute Exam tips Standard advice -

For AIPMT 2016

1. Improve Focus - 10 minutes of meditation (The fight at the top is very close!). Do something extra, its not only the knowledge / coaching classes. 2. Time management (This can improve 5 to 10% chances) 3. Cool mind is of high priority. 4. Share the pain with parents (Not only friends). They would support and you would need them more than you think at the moment. Explain the competition clearly to them. 5. It is a war. 99.4% of the students are going to be rejected. Read 10 minutes of motivational books or watch inspirational TED talks by any Indian / Sachin's interview, Modi's discussions or keep a pic of last years topper at your reading table. It would help you keep the tempo. 6. Change the gears to 'Admission' understanding instead of ranks and cut offs.

For MHT-CET 2016

I would advise you to take it in the right spirit. You are already having options in life in case you do not make it through MHT-CET 2016. Is it your self survival instincts making you think about other options or are you really inclined for other career choice? First thing you do is to get the Aptitude Test done. Assess yourself fully if you are passionate to become a doctor or is it just a fantasy / dream? The journey is going to be quite painful and a casual approach would surely not help. Another way is to - keep professional career option of MBBS as a separate issue in life and other passions separately. Its simply easy to become doctor if you are open to go abroad, though choosing the right country and a university would surely need an education counsellor to guide you through. You can continue with other passions while studying abroad (Costs lesser than the Indian MBBS programs!). Do not loose these passions like writing a book etc, - its not easy to identify them at the age of 18 years :) Download E-Guide for MBBS Admission in India and Abroad.

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