Syllabus of MBBS in Russia

Syllabus of MBBS in Russia - 1st to 6th year MBBS syllabus

Before enrolling in any course, It is essential to understand the syllabus and structure of that course. Likewise, understanding the syllabus of MBBS in Russia for Indian students is important. While comparing the syllabus for MBBS in Russia to that in India, you’ll land with some apparent differences.

With over 57 best colleges for MBBS in Russia, Russia has been a point of attraction for Indian medical aspirants. Also, the fees for MBBS in Russia are highly subsidized, the entire medical program becomes affordable for a typical middle-class Indian student.

Coming towards the discussion of the syllabus of MBBS in the two countries, the Indian MBBS syllabus is quite narrowed down compared to the broader Russian MBBS syllabus. Syllabus of MBBS in Russia has the inclusion of different subjects in their syllabus that might not be directly useful in the short run but may be tremendously practical in the later years.

Along with the syllabus, the course structure and course duration of MBBS in Russia is different from India. In this article, we will discuss the syllabus of MBBS in Russia, covering every intricate detail and compare the same with the Indian MBBS syllabus. 

So, let us dive into it!

MBBS 1st year subjects in Russia

Sr No. Subject Description
1 Physics Basic Physics to understand concepts like ECG of heart, etc.
2 Chemistry Basic Chemistry useful in Biochemistry and Radiology
3 Biology This subject has applications almost everywhere in the course, especially in Microbiology
4 Law Law is taught so that foreign residents in Russia know the rules and regulations of the country and they abide by the rules
5 Russian History Russians want their history to be remembered and celebrated by its residents, so Russian History is included in the course
6 History of Medicine This teaches the student how the field of medicine developed over time and its relevance today
7 Basics of Patient Care This is a practical application of most of the things you learn in your curriculum
8 Economics This is to teach you the functioning of demand and supply, how the market works and your contribution to the same
9 Russian Language Almost everyone in Russia speaks Russian, so this is a must subject
10 Latin Language Many medical terms have their roots in the Latin language. So, this subject helps you to be good at remembering and memorizing the terms and the concepts
11 Physical Training Physical training is included so that you remain fit and healthy
12 Psychology So that you learn to get familiar with patients with different natures and behaviors
13 Histology Core Subject
14 Pedagogics Core Subject
15 Anatomy Core Subject
16 Embryology Core Subject

*Core subject means the subject is an integral part of the course and is a must for you to be good at the course

MBBS 1st year subjects in India

Sr No. Subject
1. Anatomy
2. Histology
3. Embryology
4. Physiology
5. Biochemistry

MBBS Course Structure in Russia

The syllabus of MBBS in Russia takes around 6 to 8 years to finish. Each year is divided into two semesters. The course is designed as per the US and European requirements. MBBS in Russia students are taught in the following different methods:

  • Lecture-based
  • Small group discussions and seminars
  • Independent studies
  • Tutorials
  • Assessments
  • Practical and Laboratory work
  • Clinical Training Clinical rotation(Bedside teaching, ward rounds)

First, Second and Third Year syllabus of MBBS in Russia

In the first three years, the student learns the fundamentals of Human Biology, Physiology, Histology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell biology, general pathology, genetics and principles of clinical medicine. Pharmacology is also taken in the third year to teach metabolism, fate and the effect of chemical substances of clinical significance in biologic systems.

Students extend their initial studies of normal human biology to abnormal processes and ultimate diseases. This is accomplished mainly through the study of pathology and clinical diagnosis.

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year syllabus of MBBS in Russia

In the last three years the student begins to apply the knowledge acquired in the first two years of the biomedical sciences. Also, the student ventures to master their clinical skills with a series of clinical clerkships in Primary Care Medicine, Internal medicine, Neurology and Psychiatry. 

The student learns to take responsibility for patient care under supervision and interacts with the specialists handling the particular case.

Also, in the last three years, students take classes in other clinical electives consisting of programs in cardiovascular disease, hematology, infectious disease renal disorders and chronic diseases

Books to refer to in the first year of MBBS

Books play a major role when it comes to understanding the concepts well. Different professors might suggest different books for the same subject as every professor has different research interests in the same. Here are some books that we recommend for you to be good at the respective subjects written in bold. These books are only for the MBBS 1st year subjects in Russia. 

Anatomy - B.D. Chaurasia, Gray’s Anatomy, Prives, Netter Atlas

Histology - Inderbir Singh, Eroschenko Atlas, Ross Histology A Text and Atlas

Embryology -  Inderbir Singh, Langman’s Medical Embryology

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