Study in USA

Harvard University USA is a dream destination for most of the Indian students. In fact India sends 2nd highest number of students to USA after China. More than 85% of the students go to USA at Master level of higher education with major focus on MS and MBA. Basically, USA offers one of the greatest opportunities among all the other countries as an option to study abroad in terms of quality of education and further immigration. MOKSH facilitates the student to pursue their dream career after study in USA via highly educative counseling sessions supported by guidance to select the suitable university.

Education Opportunity To Study In USA:

There are public universities and private universities in USA. Generally, cost to study in USA is lower for the public universities by approximately 30% in comparison with the private ones. The universities are well spread across the USA and generally the student either go by the ranking of the university or by the preferred location due to its existing relative (there are more than 3 Million Indians residing in USA!).

In general, the various universities promoted in India by the agents are via student recruitment fairs promoted throughout the year and more prominent in the admission seasons such as June and January every year. However, MOKSH is the only overseas education consultants in Mumbai which provides counseling, guidance, admission support and finally travel support with Visa documentations for more than 110 US public universities.

The difference between the working for public and private universities is that MOKSH charges special counseling and service charges for the admission process to public universities while gives free service for the private universities. However, the public universities will save more than 30% in terms of total cost to study in USA.

Ivy leagues such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford etc. are few of the best and ranked at the top of the world by various world university rating agencies such as “The times higher Education”. All the top ranked students from India have these universities in their mind and prepare themselves for the Ivy leagues.

Group Counselling (Seminars):

MOKSH is going to hold seminars in different parts of India and shall come to your city anytime, DO NOT MISS this golden opportunity to interact with our expert counsellors and get the right advice on your medical career! Click here to register for the seminar!

Also, it is highly advisable to attend one of our Online Counselling sessions on MBBS abroad till PG before attending the seminar as you would have your basics clear since the start! Click here to attend an online counselling session!

Entrance Eligibility:

Basically, USA requires 12+4 years of education before one becomes eligible for applying for Masters level program. Generally the MS students would need to appear for TOEFL – English proficiency exam as well as GRE. The requirement of score in GRE and TOEFL for various universities in USA varies depending on the raking of the university.

For MBA program, most of the universities expect the students to have a work experience of 1 to 3 years before the application.

Online Counselling Session (Webinars):

Get Complete information on MBBS Abroad, MBBS in India, How to choose the university, country, Pros & Cons of different countries, PG preparation followed by a Q & A session with doubt clearance and every other possible detail regarding MBBS right up to PG! To get a glimpse of the previous webinars, Click on MBBS Abroad till PG, MBBS in USA till PG, MBBS in Germany till PG to watch. These are the recorded versions.

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In case of any error, Call on 7024240963.

General List Of Documents For Application:

The process of admission is quite long and involves lot of documentations including interview at the admission stage and visa issuance. One need to be very careful in preparation of documents such as Statement of Purpose (SOP) / letter of motivation The preparation to go to study in USA needs to be done at least 12 months in advance due to entrance exam requirements.

  • Application form along with application fees
  • Passport copy
  • Photographs
  • Notarized Academic transcripts (10/12/Graduation)
  • Passing Certificate and Graduation allocation certificates
  • SOP
  • 3 Letters of recommendations
  • Scholarship application form / Financial Aid request form
  • Proof of Financial stability
  • Bankers solvency certificate up to the minimum limit of total tuition fees + living cost (Rs. 25 Lacs)
  • Strong Bank account statement

MOKSH will guide and prepare the entire documentation set for application.

Tele - Counselling:

MOKSH has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of MBBS counsellors who have an expertise in a specific topic like MBBS in Russia, China, USA, Ukraine, Germany, etc right up to PG. You can be in touch with one of the counsellors constantly via phone calls, SMS, Whats app, Emails, etc and they shall be there to solve your doubts and help you carve the right path towards your MBBS journey!

You can call on,

  • 9699360370 for MBBS Abroad like Russia, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, etc ( if you have a budget in the range of Rs. 15lacs and above)
  • 8082143550 for MBBS in USA right up to PG ( If you have a budget of Rs. 60-70 lac)
  • 8291922514 for PG in Germany

Cost To Study In USA:

There are 3 types of costs to study in USA at Master level (Average ranked).

COSTS (INR)* Public University Private University Remark
Tuition Fees Rs. 14 Lacs Rs. 22 Lacs Scholarship for Public schools
Living Cost Rs. 7 Lacs Rs. 7 Lacs 20 Hrs / week work permit
Others Rs. 2 Lacs Rs. 2 Lacs Exam fees, Student welfare etc.
TOTAL Rs. 23 Lacs Rs. 31 Lacs SAVE 30% by going to Public university

 MOKSH provides support to get the education loan up to Rs. 20 Lacs limit making it very easy for you to pursue Master level education in USA.

Personal Counselling:

MOKSH has its branch offices in 12 cities of India now so there is no need to travel all the way to the Mumbai Head office for a personal counselling! You can still do so if you wish though. To get to a MOKSH office in your own city for a free personal counselling session on MBBS Abroad right up to PG in USA/ Germany, You call on 9699360370 and our counsellor shall arrange a Personal counselling session in your city or the closest location to you.

Visa And Immigration:

The students applying for student visa for USA will get 3 years Visa for STEM category (Science, Technology, Engineering and Management) or 5 years of Visa for business program category. However, the policy keeps on changing with the regulations defined by the US authorities responsible for immigration.

Scholarship Test:

MOKSH holds an Online Scholarship Test every year where in the students get the NEXT Online Coaching on a huge discount or even 100% scholarship which otherwise costs more than Rs.1, 25,000. It is a 360 marks MCQ test focused on the 12th Board exams syllabus. 

The students who register with MOKSH for MBBS Abroad get a higher priority in the scholarship test. You can call on 9699360370 to get further information on the scholarship test of 2018!