• Verbatim Record

    The transcript is a united rundown of the considerable number of courses and grades of a four-year college education.
    The Bachelor College will provide you with Transcripts on demand. This is a basic report while applying for a Masters degree course.

  • Consider the following points, without fail!

    1. Contact your Bachelor’s university/college and solicit them to arrange transcripts for you.
    2. Request, in any event, the number of transcripts should be as same as the number of colleges that you are intending to apply.
    3. The organization may charge you certain expenses, contingent upon the number of transcripts, your request.
    4. As a rule, every one of the transcripts you possess must:

    (i) Bear the organization seal
    (ii) Marked by the school authority
    (iii) Fixed.
    1. The transcript must demonstrate the general evaluation. In a perfect world, it ought to show the credit framework utilized (for example scored credits = 200) and the evaluating framework (max and min grades).
    2. There are times when you will send the transcript along with your application. Be that as it may, for barely any university in Germany, you might be solicited to transfer the examined duplicate transcript.
    3. The legally approved duplicates of transcripts may not be acknowledged by German universities. We through Moksh constantly prescribe you to send the first duplicate.
    4. Remember this! Transcripts are unique in relation to an evaluation card.

    For more clarification, make sure you do not overlook the following links:
    1. Sample Grade card: Before applying for the MS degree one must have a grade card with them that they should not have any trouble in passing the process.
    2. Sample Transcript: This is the most important document which is given by your higher school. Keep in mind before proceeding you must have the transcript with you. 

    For more details visit: https://www.moksh16.com/study-in-germany/