• Studienkolleg in Germany

    tudienkolleg in Germany in case if you are a non-EU student in Germany and wish to pursue your higher studies, its highly recommended that get your previous qualification recognized at your desired German university.

    Note that every single document like your school leaving certificate must be translated in German qualification terms otherwise, it wont be recognized and there are no exceptions to it.

    For most of the foreign students in Germany, who have no prior information on the German education system, they often run out of excitement fear and later this marks the end of their dream of study in Germany.

    The solution to this is none other than Studienkolleg particularly when it comes to foreign students in Germany.

    Though theres this perception in most of the students mind that chasing a Studienkolleg course is a waste of time, therefore, it is estimated that this category of foreign students in Germany who undergo such course before their regular studies are more successful as compared to those who dont go for it.

  • What is Studienkolleg

    In precise, its just a kind of preparatory college in Germany which is specifically designed so that it can prepare foreign students in Germany whose qualification does not meet the criteria laid down by the German education system.

    Generally, the Studienkolleg course lasts for a full academic year or four academic semesters with the intention of just developing you with the required knowledge and skills that relate to your course of study in Germany.

    The course of Studienkolleg varies with your respective field of study and on the basis of the same you are needed to attend any one of the below-mentioned courses:

    1. T-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics.rn
    2. M-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biologyrn
    3. W-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Sociologyrn
    4. G-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, History, German Literature, Sociology and Statistics.

    From the above option, you might have observed that the German language course carries utmost importance and is indeed a priority because irrespective of your type, of course, you will have to learn the German language.

    If you're regular courses are taught specifically in the English language which is most likely to be at postgraduate level that you are priority will transform into the English language and you will get classes to learn the same.

    In addition to this, your language course count for the highest number of classes during a Studienkolleg course.

    At the time when you apply for this preparatory course, you have to possess a minimum level of knowledge (at least the basic part) in English or German language as per your program requirements at German Universities to attend Studienkolleg.

    Usually, requirement of B1 or B2 level is asked by German universities at the time of joining Studienkolleg.

    During your foundation course of one year, you will learn to utilize German/English language in different contexts which relates to your study field, for instance: business, science or economics. Thus, improving your language level, that serves as a vital factor to succeed in your regular studies at German Universities.

  • How can I apply for Studienkolleg?

    Check if your previous qualification is recognized in a preferred German university or not:

    First and foremost thing, you need to keep a check on is, whether your previous qualification is considered at the German University of your choice or not and for this you can contact Moksh to help you get through it.

    Generally, its the universities in Germany that decide what sort of qualifications it accepts and in case if your qualification is not listed here, then you will be asked to attend the preparatory course.

  • Find a course at Studienkolleg

    Now that you know that you are up for undertaking a foundation degree course so you must start looking for a properly suitable course at Studienkolleg before you are actually being admitted.

    This is the point where you might be asking yourself, is my university the place where I will attend my Studienkolleg?
    Well, it depends, although the majority of universities in Germany run these courses on their won there are still some German universities that do not offer at all.

    If we talk about some German universities, like the University of Stuttgart, it requires the foreign students in Germany to attend a preparatory course at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of technology) or at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg.

    Moreover, there are few of the private institutions which organize separate courses for Studienkolleg as compared to any other university in Germany.

  • Check the required documents of Studienkolleg

    Thirdly, your entry requirements vary greatly among the different preparatory colleges for foreign students in Germany and for that you need to check up the requirements of Studienkolleg, of course, Moksh is there to provide you with the appropriate information.

    Here is a list of the main requirements to apply for a Studienkolleg in the country of Germany

    1. Your original school-leaving certificate and a verified copy of the same.rn
    2. Your scores/grades of previous education.rn
    3. Curriculum vitae.rn
    4. Your proficiency in German/English language.rn
    5. All of your above-mentioned documents should be duly translated and must be verified by a certified translator.

  • Get ready to apply for a place at Studienkolleg

    Once you are done with all of the required documents, its now time for you to submit your application. You can also run your application online or by post as per your wish.

    Make a note that you cannot directly apply to Studienkolleg except if its a private institution and if the Studienkolleg body is governed by your preferred German university, then you must apply through it.

    Also, extra attention is to be given to application deadlines as there is no provision to receive and accept late applications. The common deadlines are.

    1. 15th January for the summer semester.rn
    2. 15th July for the winter semester.

  • Lets get your German Student Visa

    Its quite obvious that if you wish to come and study in Germany, you will need permission, especially when you are a non-EU student in the country of Germany. Hence, you will need a student visa for this purpose.

    When you have already applied for Studienkolleg in Germany, you will receive a letter of acceptance which ensures that you are eligible for seeking a student visa that will further enable you to travel to Germany and after this, you can begin with your studies at any of the German Universities of your choice.

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