• Profile Evaluation Ensure by yourself

    Profile assessment is the standard inquiry in all exchange gatherings and discussions identified to study in Germany. While it is common that one could be on edge about their odds of getting a confirmation, these are commonly considered as irritating inquiries. This is because there is no 'definite' methodology for the examination of one's profile. Nobody can precisely advise how your profile is going to be fair against the various ones in your university and particular space.

    In spite of the fact that this procedure is the hardest, to sum up, we have given a concise investigation for every criterion and tried to come up with a general assessment process of profile evaluation. MOKSH believes that this can help any individual who needs a basic idea about their change of getting admission in University.

  • Follow these steps!

    1. Graduation percentage (GPA)

    Without a doubt, the most important criteria, it will be a prime consideration for admission in both (Technische University) and Fachhochschulen. In case if you will get admission in FH, relevant work experience becomes primarily important while in TUs, your score (GPA) needs to be in the required bracket.

    Job experience full time/Part-time

    If you have suitable experience for your course, it can surely help you. In addition to the fact that it is significant in getting you a University admission, however, this can help you in your part-time job and after doing your masters it will become easy for you to find a job. Pursuing a bachelors student has a lot of advantages too.

    FH prefer this as an important factor for admission. If your job was technical (or research-oriented) even TUs will give you preference.

    Letter of intent (SOP)

    This is the only testimonial document that allows the authorities to know you as a person. This carries information about interest, motivation, future plans, and idea and so on. Furthermore, compelling an SOP can easily make a step forward to your peers. This is the third most significant document in your application. Particularly, as far as your profile evaluation is concerned.

    Recommendation Letter (LOR)

    In Europe, LORs are highly respected whereas in Germany also it gives a great consideration. Moksh strongly recommends that you should possess recommendation letters from your superiors, who are at a higher position in the organization.

    Resume (CV)

    In spite of the fact that your CV is only a presentation of all your scholastic and professional achievements, it is important to make it well. This document is considered as the most crucial document while applying for your selection process. This plays a critical role in your application.


    Many people believe that these tests are very important but not so. These are the test to check your English language capability. In foreign universities, the master courses are considered as an eligibility criterion. If you have scored more than 6.5 in the IELTS band, you requalified and scoring more will not affect your eligibility in any way.

    Graduate record examination (GRE)

    Only selected university in Germany requires tells you to produce your GRE scorecard. If a university has a compulsory requirement for the course then it becomes criteria for your admission. In such a case, these focus more on students Quant which indicates your expertise in math.

    GRE is listed as a non-mandatory requirement and still, it has a good value. If the university doesnt have a compulsory GRE requirement for the admission then no consideration is needed.

    Extracurricular, Internship and Workshop Activities

    Indeed, any certificate related to your selected course will be beneficial. Furthermore, an internship can help you to get a positive look in your CVs.

    By putting efforts in activities like workshop and extracurricular activities, you will be regarded as a proactive student. In your nutshell, strengthen your candidature with as many experience letters or certificates as possible.

    Innovative research work (Patents, Research work)

    While studying MS, if you complete any research work like publishing or a conference paper than it can add more chances to your profile, especially for TUs. The same goes for Fachhochschulen when you own or file a patent. This acts as an indicator of your ability to handle serious tasks.

    Metrication and School final

    Your HSC and SSC scores are combined with GPA. This gives information about the progress of your academic performance. If the result shows good progress, then it becomes a positive thing. Thus, playing a crucial role in your profile evaluation.

    Linguistic requirements in Germany

    It is not important to have a German language certificate for most of the English taught courses.

    If the university has a mandatory German taught program then you are expected to complete a level B1 certification exam for the enrollment process.
    Before applying, it has eligibility criteria just like TOFEL/IELTS.
    Getting admission to a German university without at least a basic command over the German language may be possible but not advisable because day-to-day life becomes next to impossible. It is a strong recommendation of MOKSH experts that you get at least your A1 certificate, before leaving India.

  • What if you have a backlog?

    2.Do you have a backlog?

    In most cases of profile evaluation, if a student has a backlog they are likely to have a low GPA which can put them in trouble while taking admission. In case you have a decent GPA, but a few backlogs, you have a chance to justify it with a reason of SOPs. Be careful before writing your reasons, your points should be valid.

    If your profile has a positive impression, your backlogs might get ignored. German universities are quite common in retaking exams.

  • Do not overlook, the following key points!

    1. Some universities have a quota for the country; this is the reason why MOKSH recommends its students to apply as soon as possible. If the application process is going on in the university, then you can save more chances.
    2. If you are between 60% and 70% Bachelors score, then your chances are low. In case you have below 60% marks, there is no chance for your admission process.
    3. Your graduation subject must be on par with the postgraduate course, you are aspiring for. This is far more crucial than your GRE and IELTS course. Like, if you have a mechanical engineering degree, you obviously cant apply for a monster in some other stream of education this is common sense!
    4. In case, you decide to change your field of studies, then make sure to give a good justification in your SOPs.
    5. While applying for job application, keep in mind your admission as your recent experience is most valued.
    6. Just in case, German proficiency and IELTS does not require for the admission, this might be asked will your Visa process.
    7. Your profile evaluation is only for the initial stage. Moreover, if you look for a few universities you have to go through interviews, online test etc.

    Significance of your score in graduation

    A high number of multinational applications and a variety of grading is the reason why your bachelors GPA is important for you. There is no cut-off grade for the application process as it becomes difficult for the authorities to select a common student. It may not be fair at times by comparing a good GPA more than other credentials.

  • Insufficient marks in Graduation!

    Following are the point for low GPA and how to improve for taking admission.

    1. Score good marks in admission test or interview
    2. Do the relevant online course and get a certificate
    3. Collect a strong recommendation letter
    4. Attend workshop conference
    5. Take up relevant Internships
    6. If your graduation GPA was poor because of some vital reasons like health or family, make sure you mention that in your SOP. MOKSH also advises you to add, how you overcome those unusual changes to complete your graduation.

    MOKSH clarifies that the above information is just for reference and details may vary.

    For any detailed query, contact our experts or log in to target 'blank' 'https://www.moksh16.com/study-in-germany/'