MBA IN OVGU (Otto von Guericke University) is altogether an incredible experience, especially for foreign students in Germany. OVGU further provides you with an exposure of seeking commendable knowledge and indispensable skills to emerge as professional managers of the world and achieve heights of success.

    With a firm base in accounting, management, and finance, the MBA in OVGU, is a sole program that develops you for superior level positions at multinational corporations, financial institutions, consultancy firms and many more.

    strong>MBA IN OVGU (Otto von Guericke University)> structured as a full-time course associated with a profound knowledge of a new relative concept, altogether. Particularly, it is designed for people who have no specific idea of this stream. But has a passionate interest in economics and management.

  • Eligibility

    Most importantly, if you are looking forward to pursuing anMBA IN OVGU (Otto von Guericke University), you will need prior work experience and a bachelor's degree for the purpose of admission to OVGU. However, the program language is English.

    Major stream and targeted group of study are those trainees and managers of all fields who are ready to:

    1. Firstly, take up the responsibilities in the management stream.
    2. Secondly, mend the strategies with leading tactics and thinking capabilities.
    3. Thirdly, gain knowledge refresh and enhance the same in the field of management and economics.

  • Specializations

    1. Accounting and controlling
    2. Economic Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship
    3. Production & Logistics and Operations
    4. Finance and taxation
    5. Marketing and international management
    6. Strategy and behaviour
    7. Personal and information management
    8. Globalization and economic policy and many more

  • Duration of course

    The duration of an MBA at OVGU is 2 years which is 1.4 years for lectures and remaining 0.6 years for the Master's thesis. Furthermore, the lectures for MBA in OVGU are conducted mainly on weekdays.

  • Requirements for admission in OVGU

    Speaking about the bachelor's degree, it takes a span of around 6 months at any university or equivalent. Apart from this, there is a passing interview held for every individual who is up for admission to OVGU.

    1. Acknowledged Undergraduate program degree
    2. Proof of your language proficiency (Either English or German)
    3. A good GMAT or GRE score
    4. Professional Experience of 2-3 years
    5. Reference letter
    6. Transcript of grades

    NOTE: Above all, you must know that work experience is a key factor if you plan to apply for Executive MBA programs.

  • The study concept at OVGU

    The study material provided to students is mainly in the form of presentations, seminars, lectures, and discussions. Especially, there are lectures rendered in small groups so as to deliver the essential topics and take care of individual attention.

  • How are the examinations held at OVGU?

    The exams are either conducted on oral form or in written form as prescribed by the university. There are also assignments given to the students in, in terms of presentations, seminar and project thesis and Master's thesis.

  • What should be my budget while enrolling for MBA in OVGU?

    Per semester fee of OVGU is 113, 50 Euros (exclusive of your application fee of 15.950 Euros). Remember, the discount may vary.

    It is better to get into OVGU rather than choosing Universities in USA UK as the cost of the former is very much affordable than the latter and provides the same quality of education into the bargain.

    Similarly, as there is entire freedom in the hands of OVGU to charge from the students whatever fees they want to, the MBA in Germany cost varies largely.

    You will find that the cost at an MBA in Germany Universities that are privately owned, is much higher than that of a Public University, and that's because the former is privately funded as compared to the latter which is financed from the government.
    Above all, the kind of MBA in Germany program you want to enroll yourself in is also a major deciding factor for your list of expenses.

    Having said that, the executive courses for MBA in Germany would stretch your list of expenses while the Full-time MBA course brings the list a bit down.

    Therefore, to provide you with a rough figure, the Full-time MBA course would range anywhere from 30,000 -50,000, while the executive MBA program would debit your account by a figure of around 80,000.

  • Acknowledgment and accreditations

    1. Firstly, the state-owned university which is well recognized by the Department of Science, federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.
    2. Secondly, accreditation by EVALAG and Akkreditierungsrat.

  • Assistance offered by Moksh in collaboration with OVGU

    1. Hassle-free pick-up service directly from the Berlin airport.
    2. Getting your information material.
    3. Helping you find your preferred kind of accommodation.
    4. Preparing your rental/tenancy agreement.
    5. Going with you to the Residentu2019s registration office in order to get you to register as the resident of Magdeburg.
    6. Obtaining your certificate of registration.
    7. Getting your bank account verified.
    8. Assisting you in taking up health insurance as needed for your university registration.
    9. Enrolling at your preferred university.
    10. Taking your student ID card that will also serve you as a public transport ticket and as a cash card at the universityu2019s restaurant.
    11. Your library registration.
    12. Will help you remember, re-registering of your student ID card, every semester.
    13. Moksh will assist you to get a new mobile number with internet contract.
    14. Get your visa renewal within 3 months.
    15. Moksh is there with you even after your studies i.e. it will help you to cancel all contracts, deregister from the university and from the Residentu2019s registration office as well.

  • Group Counseling (Seminars)

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