• Masters of Business Administration in Germany for Indian students

    Do you know with Moksh, you can do Masters of Business Administration in Germany without GMAT/GRE?
    Read on.

    Is Germany good for MBA? If, you want to learn well and later earn well, doing MBA in Germany is a great option.

    That is to say, Germany has industries and industries that mean business and businesses need Management Graduates, good ones that universities for MBA in Germany create.

    As the industries, there are doing well, doing Masters of Business Administration in Germany makes all the more sense.

    Likewise, what sets a curriculum apart, a curriculum say for Management studies like MBA?

    Answer: The depth to which the course delves into teaching principles and exposure to the grandest yet the most challenging industries!

  • Germany MBA programs

    For accreditation, universities for MBA in Germany need recognition from the state and one of the six agencies officially recognized by the GermanAkkreditierungsrat (accreditation council).

    Certainly, these accreditations have to be earned.

    In addition, the German government happily welcomes international students from across the world.

    Above all, you can now do an MBA in Germany without GMAT and GRE scores!

    Of course, you will need to get in touch with Moksh.

    However, on a serious note, you will find more information about doing an MBA in Germany without GMAT or GRE here.

    Moreover, MBA programs in Germany are highly researched ones. This is the main reason that an MBA from Germany is recognized internationally.

    And, the salary after MBA in Germany is, of course, a major factor that is great.

    Moksh cordially invites India to a journey through details of MBA in Germany requirements, the total cost of studying MBA in Germany and MBA colleges in Germany for Indian students.

    Firstly, you can check out the list of Universities to

  • How can I do an MBA in Germany? Eligibility

    Is GMAT necessary for MBA in Germany? With Moksh, it's not! Take a look.

    However, there are MBA in Germany requirements which you need to meet.

    1. A Bachelor's degree. Doing a BBA from Germany, for example, will be a great choice.

    But, any Graduation from a recognized University from anywhere will do.

    1. Commonly, MBA Germany in English translates to MBA in Germany with IELTS.

    However, Universities in Germany for an MBA in English require an IELTS score of at least 6.5 bands.

    But, a few in the list of universities in Germany for MBA ask for 7 bands.

    Learn the easiest way to prepare for IELTS.

    1. Do we need to know German to study in Germany?

    Yes, we need to!

    To clarify, requirements to study MBA in Germany include completion of A1 & A2 level German language courses.

    Most importantly, Moksh German language training is the most convenient and cost-effective module for learning the language. Best if you are from India!

    In addition, you may have to face an interview which is conducted by the top MBA universities in Germany.

  • What documents do you need?

    To sum up, the documents that you must have with you to complete the MBA in Germany eligibility before you start your journey, include:

    1. Acknowledged Undergraduate program degree
    2. Proof of your language proficiency (both English or German)
    3. Reference letter
    4. Transcript of grades (Don't miss noting these Transcript specifications!)

  • What are the top 10 MBA programs? Specializations

    Firstly, a wide range of subjects is on the offering at the various business universities in Germany in English.
    The list includes

    1. Accounting and controlling
    2. Production Logistics and Operations
    3. Economic Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship
    4. Marketing and international management
    5. Finance and taxation
    6. Personal and information management
    7. Globalization and economic policy
    8. Strategy and behavior

    And, many more! To know more, check our University list.

  • Which university is best for MBA in Germany?

    Firstly, is Germany good for MBA? Indeed

    Secondly, which university is best for MBA in Germany? We don't know!

    Seriously, Germany has no ranking system for Universities, MBA or otherwise.

    In short, there is no concept of an MBA in Germany ranking. Simple!

  • What is the duration of an MBA in Germany?

    The duration of an MBA from Germany is 2 years which is 1.4 years for lectures and the remaining 6 months are for the Master's thesis.

    Consequently, make sure you notice the chronology of how can I apply for an MBA in Germany?by reading this.

  • Is MBA in Germany free?

    Firstly, a free MBA education in Germany is not a myth.

    That is to say, free MBA in Germany for international students is a possibility only in the Government Universities.

    Subsequently, MBA admission requirements in Germany for these Government Universities include GMAT scores.

    Most importantly, an MBA from Germany without GMAT is a possibility in Private universities only.

    Unfortunately, doing an MBA from Germany from Private University can be very expensive.

    So, Moksh gets you admission to the best MBA from Germany in English that is undeniably cost-effective! Take a look.

    Fees 13 Euro
    Semester Fees 100-200 Euro (per-semester)
    Total Fees 11000-15000 Euro

    For getting admission into MBA in Germany in English without GMAT with a reasonable investment, see this!

  • Assistance offered by Moksh

    Moksh Overseas is one of the superior most Foreign Education Advisor in India, known ubiquitously for its honest, transparent modus operandi.

    Certainly, from the starting of your journey of studying an MBA from Germany in English, Moksh makes sure to keep your documents safe and help you throughout your journey.

    Moksh India

    For instance, the Indian wing of Moksh, Moksh India will be your service provider in matters related to:

    1. University shortlisting: For shortlisting your university, see the list of Universities. So, Moksh helps you form an opinion on the basis of certain criteria.
    2. Guidance for the document: Irrespective of the course that you are applying for, you will be solicited to send documents. And, Moksh will help you in the process.

    Learn how Moksh guides you in writing SOPs.

    1. Post admission support: Moksh treats the students like family.

    Consequently, even after you get admission to the university, Moksh continuous to assist! Starting from air travel, airport pickup, accommodation, food and so on.

    In addition, Moksh stands by you at every step.

    For instance, Learn how we assist in getting Health Insurance in Germany.

    1. German Language learning: Moksh provides Online German learning classes for the students. This is to avoid any hassles related to illegibility in routine life as well as living in Germany.
    2. Support to open the blocked account: Firstly, opening the blocked account may be difficult for the students. Secondly, it requires the approval of the Bank. However, Moksh will help you. Learn how Moksh makes it easy for you.
    3. Accommodation booking in Germany: To begin with, finding an accommodation that suits your needs may not be easy. And, the trust factor is a major factor. Moksh keeps in mind to make you comfortable throughout your journey.

    But, sometimes it happens that German universities charge extra for accommodation once you reach and then you have no option but to pay!

    Consequently, there's no need to worry! Moksh will book your accommodation in advance.

    1. One way air ticket: Travelling abroad sometimes becomes too expensive. Therefore, Moksh will Book your ticket without taking any charges.

    Moksh Germany

    To begin with, Moksh Germany will provide the initial hand holding for the student to settle down for doing MBA in Germany.
    On the other hand, Moksh Germany will help the students in getting registered with the University for studying MBA in Germany in English.

    Most importantly, we introduce you to various German authorities such as foreign affairs and immigration, apart from the local Police station.

    Moksh Germany will be your service provider in matters related to:

    1. Visa extension assistance for the German student visa.
    2. Work search visa application assistance
    3. Internship search assistance

    However, The Visa / resident permit extension within Germany is the sole discretion of the relevant immigration authorities in Germany. It is not the responsibility of MOKSH.

    Furthermore, internship assistance includes assistance for applications to different companies in Germany. It does not mean providing employment.

    Most importantly, kindly note that post departure, all MOKSH services, if opted for, will be charged by our German office. In addition, for every application, the students will have to pay the University application fees.

  • Can I do MBA in Germany with a scholarship?

    Most importantly, German Universities offering MBA in English do not provide Scholarships.

    Fortunately, Moksh does!

    In addition, Moksh conducts a scholarship test for all who go for doing a Masters of Business Administration in Germany and other countries.

    To clarify, Designed in the format of GMAT, the questions are relatively simple and those who qualify to get a scholarship of 1.5 Lakhs INR.

    Just in case, if you do not qualify, Moksh will bear the charges of your travel by providing free air tickets to the students.

  • Group Counseling (Seminars):

    Most importantly, Moksh seminars are arranged in different parts of India and can be held in your city at any point in time. Furthermore, DO NOT MISS this golden opportunity to interact with our expert counselors and get the right advice on your Business career!

    Therefore, it is also highly advisable to attend one of our online Counseling sessions on an MBA abroad before attending the seminar as you would have your basics clear since the start!


    Get complete information on MBA Abroad. How to choose the university, country, pros cons, and to clear all your doubts to get in touch with Moksh. In addition to this, Moksh ensures it will provide every possible detail regarding an MBA!

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  • Tele-Counseling:

    Moksh has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of counselors who have expertise in admission for Masters of Business Administration in Germany.

    Subsequently, you can be in touch with one of the counselors constantly via phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, etc. However they shall be there to solve your doubts and help you carve the right path towards your MBA journey!

  • Why Moksh?

    In addition, Moksh is now available for you in more than 35 Indian cities. Apart from this, you can even visit us in our overseas offices in China, Russia, and Germany.

    Most importantly, Moksh is equally popular for the innovative and unique approach to any endeavour it takes up.

    In conclusion, Owing to the rich experience of almost a decade in the field of Foreign Education. Above all, Moksh is well versed in the art of blending Education and Travel and thereby, provides the youth in India, a memorable and productive Global Exposure.


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