• Checklist of German universities

    German University list below is a comprehensive rundown of German universities which is prepared on the basis of certain criteria by Moksh.

    1. TU Berlin-Berlin University of Technology - Master program Information Systems Management (Business Informatics)
    2. TH Ingolstadt-Technical University Ingolstadt- Automotive Production Engineering (M. Eng.)
    3. Saarland University - Computer and Communications Technology
    4. Ulm University - Communications Technology - Master of Science (MSc)
    5. Gottingen Graduate School for Neurosciences, Biophysics, and Molecular Biosciences-University of Gottingen
    6. RWTH Aachen University for Communications Engineering
    7. Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science (AICES)-RWTH Aachen University Graduate School
    8. RWTH Aachen University for Electrical Power Engineering
    9. University of Tubingen for Bioinformatics (MSc)
    10. EWEM-European Wind Energy Master - University of Oldenburg.
    11. Biberach University of Applied Sciences (HS Biberach) for Master of Engineering Management (MEM)
    12. TU Munich TUM-Technical University of Munich- Green Electronics (TUM Asia)
    13. Kaiserslautern University of Technology for Computer Science
    14. Leibniz University of Hanover for International Mechatronics (Double Degree, Master of Science)
    15. Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe-OWL University of Applied Sciences - International Master of Science in Production Engineering and Management.
    16. Hochschule Kaiserslautern-Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences - Product Refinement.
    17. BHT Berlin-Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin- Traffic and Water.
    18. HU Berlin-Humboldt University Berlin- MSc Global Change Geography - The Physical Geography of Human-Environment Systems
    19. University of Hannover for the department of Wind Energy Engineering
    20. KIT-Hector School - Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM).
    21. University of Passau for Information Systems
    22. KIT-HECTOR School - Master in Energy Engineering and Management (EEM)
    23. Hochschule Aalen -Aalen University - Master of Science in Polymer Technology
    24. JMU-Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg - Master Biology / Master Biology, Master of Science
    25. University of Tubingen for International Studies in Computational Linguistics MA
    26. University of Stuttgart for Mechanical Engineering (Maschinenbau)
    27. OVGU-Die Otto-von-Guericke-Universit t- Magdeburg - Chemical and Energy Engineering
    28. Hochschule Rhein-Waal -Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences - Sustainable Development Management, MA
    29. TU Braunschweig-Braunschweig University of Technology- Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
    30. MLU-Martin Luther University- Halle-Wittenberg - Biomedical Engineering
    31. TU Chemnitz-Technical University Chemnitz - Computational Science
    32. Leibniz University of Hanover for Wind Energy Engineering
    33. TH Rosenheim-Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences- Computer Science
    34. Test University - Test Course
    35. HS Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences - Automotive Engineering Master
    36. Hochschule Nordhausen-Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences(HS Nordhausen) - International master degree course: Renewable Energy Systems
    37. University of Bonn for Master of Science in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security
    38. Hochschule Karlsruhe-Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences- Sensor Systems Technology
    39. EUF-Europa-Universit t Flensburg for M. Eng. Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries.
    40. BMB-University of Bremen - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    41. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology - Master in Distributed Software Systems
    42. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology - MSc TropHEE - Tropical Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Environmental Management.
    43. Leibniz University of Hanover for International Master of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Management (WATENV).
    44. University of Stuttgart - Computer Science
    45. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology - Master of Science in Materials Science
    46. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology - Information and Communication Engineering (iCE)
    47. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology - Information and Communication Engineering (iCE)
    48. Hohenheim University for Environmental Science - Soil, Water and Biodiversity (EnvEuro)
    49. TU Darmstadt-Darmstadt University of Technology- International Masters Programme in Information and Communication Engineering

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