• Choosing a university; all you need to know

    Ranking of universities in Germany

    Choosing a University the initial step is to discover all the significant colleges for your selected course. Enlisted German universities can be classified on the basis of specific course/region/faculty etc.

    Generally, you can sort them as per their world rankings to get a feeling of which university is better. But, German instruction framework doesn't guarantee any college to be superior to the next. Choosing a University the country of Germany has no official system of ranking. However, there are bodies which rank German universities. With Moksh you can easily decide, which university suits you best.

  • Fachhochschulen vs. TU

    Fachhochschulen vs. TU
    There are two categories for the German higher studies. For instance, that is Technische University (TU) and Universities of Applied Sciences or Fachhochschulen (FH).

    The Technische University (TU) is basically research-oriented. Which offers different varieties of courses and provides a doctorate degree.

    Universities of Applied Sciences or Fachhochschulen (FH) focus on the practical aspects, creating job-ready candidates. This does not award any doctorate degrees.

  • Academic session (intake and eligibility criteria)

    Firstly, maximum universities in Germany take students at the beginning of the winters. Secondly, only a few German universities give admission in the summers. Thirdly, you need to consider this factor too. Undoubtedly, winter admission will give you a larger number of options than summer. However, if your chosen module is offered only in summer, go for it!

    Presently, with the rest of the universities on the list, you can continue with seeing your course requirement. If your university/course of choice has a minimum score for eligibility or any other criteria. That you cannot meet, you can cut off that university from your list. For example, if you dont meet the entry criteria like GRE scorecard/GATE, IELTS 6.5 etc., Moksh will make sure that your application won't go through the phase of the confirmation procedure, to save time.

  • Syllabus/Curriculum

    This is a highly significant consideration before you choose to apply for any university. Have a careful look at the educational program details. Notice how credits are marked. Pay special attention to internships and Master thesis, etc.

    Ensure that the educational plan is lined up with your inclinations. Remove the ones which you don't find fit.

  • Miscellaneous factors

    You should interact with your seniors. MOKSH can help you in this process by contacting alumni of the University of your choice.

    Make sure you confirm the following

    1. Student Job opportunities
    2. Accommodation facilities
    3. Local climate
    4. Average monthly expenses and other facilities in the city
    5. Research facilities at the University

    Keep in mind that, at last, the university will be the one, picking you. Try not to go over the edge with an excessive amount of hopefulness.

    Settle on an educated choice dependent on your present qualifications. MOKSH would recommend not picking more than 5-7 Universities. This way you will have a superior possibility of concentrating on German Universities of your choice.

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