Siberian State Medical University

About Tomsk in Russia

The Siberian State Medical University location is Tomsk city in Russia, presently the administrative center of Tomsk Oblast. Tomsk is considered as one of the oldest towns in Siberia. With the presence of six state universities the city has a prominent educational and scientific centre. In early 1990s, Tomsk became one of the first cities in Russia to gain internet access owing to receive grants from universities and scientific co-operations. 

But the point of concern for us is the severity of the winters as the lowest temperatures recorded till date is -55 °C. In fact, the Siberian cold is legendary and it can be felt in its full intensity in this region. Another challenge is the hurricanes that can be equally severe.

Siberian State Medical University, Russia

The Siberian State Medical University came into existence as Tomsk Imperial Institute in May 1878 making the University 143 years old. Apart from MBBS, the university provides undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees in biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacy, dentistry and so on. 

The Siberian State Medical University World Ranking is 3135th while the Siberian State Medical University Ranking in Russia is 116th.  The University has 6 departments including general medicine, pediatrics, pharmacy, biomedicine, distance learning, professional development and retraining. 

The Siberian State Medical University has a hospital of its own that has all the amenities to provide proper medical care to the citizens in Tomsk Region. The Siberian State Medical University has about 1000 bedded hospital along with emergency care unit that provides inpatient and outpatient care to Tomsk citizens. 

Though this account may seem very attractive but there are certain issues with Siberian State Medical University that you must be aware of.

Disadvantages of studying in Siberian State Medical University

The Siberian State Medical University may have captivating features but:

  1. Being bilingual is the greatest drawback of this University.
  2. The university is located in the coldest climatic conditions where the temperature can fall as low as -55 °C and at that freezing conditions students could actually face issues during winter.
  3. The students’ feedback about the accommodation facilities in the university is not very re-assuring.
  4. The Siberian State Medical University ranks very low in the Indian Embassy list of Medical Universities that classifies them on the basis of academic positioning.
  5. Along with being Bilingual, the Siberian State Medical University Fee Structure is not less, as one would expect.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at Siberian State Medical University

The university provides Medical programs: Bachelor's, specialty, residency, postgraduate studies, and secondary vocational education. It is also very much active in scientific and research activities in the field of medicine.
As far as the international co operations are concerned, the SiBMed University has build collaborations with 20 foreign institutes around the globe.

Cost of studying MBBS at Siberian State Medical University

Siberian State Medical University Fees of MBBS falls in the medium range. The details are as follows:

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee 4,06,000 3,20,000 3,20,000 3,20,000 3,20,000 3,20,000

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Admission Deadline for Siberian State Medical University Russia

For admission in the Russian Universities, the timing of application is crucial. Generally, the right time to apply is before October to 30th October. But this year, in 2021, there could be some variation due to COVID 19.

We say that the timing of application is crucial because the issuance of the Invitation Letter by the Ministry of Education, Russia takes around 4-8 weeks on the basis of which the Russian Consulate in India issues the visa to you. If you are late in applying, you may miss going there with your batch mates. The Siberian State Medical University admission 2021 will also follow the same pattern.

However, we reiterate that along with being Bilingual, the Siberian State Medical University has many short-comings and we will not advise you to take admission.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Siberian State Medical University

Siberian State Medical University admission requirements include a score of 50% marks in PCB in Class XII. Of course, you need to have qualified NEET 2021.

Indians at Siberian State Medical University

At Siberian State Medical University, there are 150 odd students who are from India and one can safely assume that most of them must have been tricked into taking admission in this Bilingual University.

PG in USA after MBBS in Russia

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PG in Germany after MBBS in Russia

PG in Germany after MBBS in Russia is another great option, though it requires you to learn the German language. Of the 6 levels starting from A1 to C2, you need to clear A1 and A2 that would qualify you to apply for visa. 
Once the Language formalities are done, you get into the phase where you do Observer-ship from a German hospital approved by the German Medical Council. This is followed by Residency.
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