Reality of Private Medical Colleges for MBBS in Georgia

There is a lot of buzz around the benefits of private medical colleges and universities in Georgia. Many people from around the world are moving to Georgia to take advantage of this benefit.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about the current state of private medical universities in Georgia. This blog will look at the truth of private medical universities in Georgia and their future.

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Is a private medical college in Georgia right for me?

A private medical university in Georgia is a reasonable option for students who are interested in the medical field and desire to achieve medical education. It is possible to get the same education and quality at private medical universities as in public medical universities.

Private medical universities in Georgia differ from public medical universities in multiple ways. Those who attend private medical universities have to pay additional fees compared to the public MBBS Universities in Georgia.

Students who attend private medical universities in Georgia are also responsible for paying for their books and other school supplies and living expenses.

What are the challenges faced by students in the private universities in Georgia?

Private medical universities in Georgia are becoming a new trend for students who want to become medical specialists.

Private medical universities in Georgia are being established to answer the growing demand for healthcare professionals. However, there is a gap between the expectations of the students and the reality of private universities in Georgia.

Here are the major problems faced by most of the students in private universities in Georgia,

1. Low-quality infrastructure

The low quality of the infrastructure not only affects the learning process but also the education results of the students who get it from such faculty.

Although private medical universities in Georgia try their best to make the academic environment conducive for the students, they lack behind from the perspective of having well-facilitated labs, libraries, and research centers that give a serious impact on the practical as well as theoretical learning.

Due to these reasons, most of the students find it difficult to handle the double pressure of studies as well as lab work and research.

2. Student Harassment

The number of private universities in Georgia has increased significantly in recent years. The quality of private universities, however, is a matter of debate and discussion. Especially in some private universities, there is a common practice of harassing students. 

The quality of education varies greatly from one private university to another. Students attending private universities in Georgia are often faced with high tuition fees, bullying, and discrimination. Even though students who are pursuing in top medical universities have their security, some students at other private universities are facing these issues.

3. Transfer rates

A recent study has shown that 70% of students have had to transfer due to problems in the private universities of Georgia.

These problems have included failing to pay high fees, lack of better infrastructure, and more. These problems in the private universities of Georgia have caused many students to transfer to either public universities or other universities.

The public universities have an excellent reputation for having the highest quality professors and the most unique and engaging classes. If you are planning to attend a university in the state of Georgia, it is highly recommended that you choose a public university over a private university.

4. Lack of accommodation

Some of the medical colleges in Georgia do not have any hostel or accommodation facilities. All students must live outside the college campus and must bear the costs of travel, food, and electricity regardless of where they may be from.

In addition to this, there are only a few Indian restaurants available around Georgia.

5. Language barrier

A private university usually pays more attention to increasing reputation than increasing the student's understanding. Many native language teachers are hired just to make a reputation and it is really hard to understand them because they don't speak English very well.

Some medical universities in Georgia use the local language for teaching because students from other regions may have problems understanding the teachers but this decision also causes some difficulties for international students.

6. Hospital affiliations

While many other countries in the world have a basic system that includes private clinics and public hospitals, this concept is not yet well established in Georgia.

Thus, most private medical universities in Georgia do not have hospital affiliations. This is a major issue because it means that students do not have access to practical knowledge.

List of colleges to avoid in Georgia

As the admission season is slowly approaching, students start to choose which university they want to join. However, students should be careful because many private universities offer the same education but in a bad way.

Here are some private universities that students should avoid,

  • European University
  • East European University
  • Grigol Robakidze University
  • Alte University School of medicine
  • Batumi International University
  • George in American University
  • Caucasian Medical University
  • Kutaisi Medical University
  • Georgian National University
  • Geomedi Medical University
  • Petre Shotadze Medical Academy

Select the best medical university in Georgia

Georgian universities are the best colleges to get your education in the medical field. They provide great facilities and the best proper knowledge that you need to excel in your career. In addition, they also provide skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. This is essential for any graduate student.

Medical universities in Georgia are great places to advance your medical education and training. This is especially true when you compare medical universities in Georgia with others around the world. There are many factors to consider when selecting a medical university in Georgia including cost, location, reputation, infrastructure, and more.

Nevertheless, while you are applying to these universities, you have to apply to the right one. Many universities in Georgia are not very good in terms of education and staff. Before you apply, do sufficient research and get the best possible university for yourself. Read this blog to know how to select the best university for MBBS in Georgia.

To conclude

Choosing a good university is the most essential task for the students who are willing to pursue their MBBS. There are various universities in India and Georgia. Although Georgia is famous for its medical education, if you are looking for a low-cost education, Georgian universities are always safe to take a step. Choose your university carefully and get a bright future in your profession.

If you are concerned about selecting the best yet safe medical University in Georgia, consult with MOKSH, as we are helping Indian students to select the best university in Georgia.

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