FMGE Exam Coaching & Test series with PTMP Technology.

Most of the students are worried with a common question while studying MBBS abroad - How to prepare for MCI test. 'FMGE Exam Coaching with PTMP Technology' is developed in collaboration with the top Pychologists, , Doctors (from India and Abroad), MOKSH counsellors and the IT software development team of MOKH which can understand many aspects and make performance predictions especially on enhanced FMGE Coaching leading to positive results.

Effects Of Ptmp Technology On Fmge Coaching Results.

  1. FMGE On-Line Coaching with PTMP technology is connected with one of the best aptitude test available for the students. This aptitude test is designed by top Psychologists to check your suitability for a Medical program. The software then calculates the “Multiplying Factor” required predicting your final exam results. Generally, the most perfect student with every ability would have the factor as “1”. All others would be below this!
  • The PTMP technology constantly tracks students test series results. It also stores and analyse the history of the student's performance. There are 3 level of mock tests that you would be going through such as:
    • Topic wise Mock test (Totally 128 topics).
    • Subject wise Mock test.
    • Grand Mock test for all 19 subjects of MBBS.
    Your entire records of every FMGE Mock test is stored and analysed for its assessment. Every student is given its own “Dashboard” after registration. You can view your performances of various FMGE exam mock with test series.
  1. MCI Screening Test or FMGE exam coaching with PTMP technology analyses your weaknesses. The final test and an auto communication generated by the system designed to give your area of higher focus on the topics which need more attention and higher learning aspect.

Algorithm Of Ptmp Technology.

  • The performance in the Mock test series will be monitored. (The test series is based on MCI screening test pattern). Your personalized Dashboard will allow you to go through subject by subject marks that you have covered till that time to reach the final destination of 150 marks. FMGE On-Line Coaching with PTMP technology also gives you the predicted marks in the final exam.
  • Weight age of the marks for the subject and your performance during test series identifies your performance constantly. Based on your earlier assessed aptitude capabilities the FMGE On-Line Coaching with PTMP technology guide you through your improvement.
  • This model of FMGE Exam or MCI screening test Coaching (on line) with test series and bundled with PTMP technology is constantly upgraded. It is made more and more intelligent by putting maximum parameters to predict your Final exam marks in MCI Screening Test right through your journey. You are expected to follow the tips and notifications generated by this technology. The tips are based on the scientific approach taken by the system. We can almost ensure you you to prepare for MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam. You would be ready while studying abroad and clear on returning back from overseas country after completion of MBBS.

You can definitely ENQUIRE or Check prices for our FMGE On-Line Coaching with PTMP technology and be rest assured of the required coaching while you study abroad!

Important Note.

FMGE On-Line Coaching with PTMP technology is a proprietary software developed and owned by MOKSH. The software is offered to the students who have taken admission to MBBS abroad university through MOKSH. The students who have taken admission through other agents do not get the benefit of Performance

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