Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation - MBBS In USA.

Clinical Rotation mbbs in usaThe Indian students aspiring to pursue medical program from USA must understand the difference between Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation for MBBS in USA.

Observership refers to shadowing-only rotations, no direct patient-care, no direct patient interaction and no hands on clinical training is involved in Observer-ship. The Observer-ship does not qualify residency requirements. The records of the student is lying with the doctor and not with the hospital as an authorised legal entry into the rolls of the teaching hospital. In case the doctor changes the hospital to another one, there would be no one can certify your observership!

The Green book rotation is a "clinical rotation" done in a teaching hospital. The teaching hospital need to have a ACGME approved residency. The green book rotation need to be in the required specialisation or branch. The rules are clearly defined as per the Green Book Rotation. For example, if you wish to do a medicine core clerkship then it has to be in a hospital where they have a ACGME approved Internal medicine residency program (which tells everyone that this place is a teaching hospital). It also provides a chance to the student to impress the residency director of the hospital where he/she is doing the Clinical Rotation.

Difference Between Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation.

Clinical Rotations are categorized into core clerkships and electives. Clerkship and elective rotations for international medical students are part of the medical student's clinical education curriculum. This are normally undertaken in the 3rd and 4th year of their MD program. This will fall under Hands on category with direct patient interaction, direct patient care and clinical training. This is usually undertaken with the affiliated teaching hospital. Students would need to appear for exams after each rotation which would prepare them for their USMLE Step 2 examination. This is the major difference in Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation.


Observership Vs. Clinical RotationAll the rotations offered by Spartan Health Science University are in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in USA and are Green Book Clinical Rotations. It is a mandatory requirement for licensure by most states in USA that core rotations should be undertaken in ACGME approved Green Book teaching Hospital. The final matching of the residency is done by National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

All the rotations need to be ACGME approved to be eligible for NRMP match program.

How Few Universities In Caribbean Fool You By Giving Low Cost Program.

There are 2 places where many of the new Caribbean Medical Schools manipulate the costs.

  1. By providing Observership instead of Clinical Rotation.
  2. By providing lesser Credit hours during Pre medical program leading to BS Degree.

The cost (to Caribbean Medical Schools) of ACGME approved Green Book Clinical rotation in US teaching hospital is minimum 500 US$/week. All the aspiring medical students need to complete 75 to 80 weeks of Rotations. (Which means the cost to college for the last two years in USA is at the very least 40,000 US$ equivalent to 28 lakh Indian rupees.

The Cost of Observership is just 100 US$/month. This is a huge difference in Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation. The easiest way to fool the students would be to provide an Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation! At some private clinics it is even lesser. Beware of people who play with the career of students by offering cheap observers hip. Your MD degree won't be valid in USA, India or any other country in the world since you did not complete the requirement of clinical rotations. MD (Doctor of Medicine) course is a second entry level degree program. It is based on American System of Education defined by USMLE.

This should get the alarm bells ringing when some Caribbean universities offering you the entire 5.5 years medical course at 30 lakh Indian Rupees)!

Due to these, you would find few universities providing MBBS in USA program provide courses within Rs. 30 - 35 Lacs while others such as Spartan health Science University at St Lucia provide you at almost double the cost. Once you are clear about the differences in Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation, you would never make a mistake of choosing the wrong university at Caribbean Medical School.

Manipulating Costs By Not Providing Pre Medical Course (BS Degree).

It is mandatory to have at least 90 Credit Hours of college level study to be eligible for the 4 year MD Program. However, few of the good quality teaching hospitals in USA providing clinical rotations require 140 credit Hours during your Pre Medical program (leading to BS Degree). Go for a program having 4 Trimesters during Pre Medical program. This is your first correct step to study MBBS in USA.

We have learnt from the market sources that there are certain universities in Caribbean Islands having different fees structures.The difference in pricing shall also showcase you the difference in Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation. This will help you to take a call on the perfect and clear selection of the university for your Medical program in USA.

Few of the Caribbean medical schools provide direct entry to 4 years MD program to Indian students. These programs are absolutely not acceptable for residency. Finally the students need to return back to India and appear for MCI screening test.

Fees Structure Of Caribbean Medical Schools Promising Medical Career In USA:

From May to August every year, Indian students get many calls and mails about medical program in USA. These are from the local agents. They pose as an educational consultants and push the students to various universities. The students are required to understand the basic selection criteria before finalizing their decision to study medicine abroad.

Sr. No. University Location Basic Program Cost Rotation Cost Rotation
1 Ross University St. Kitts 125 Lacs 60 Lacs Clinical
2 St. George University Granada. 100 Lacs 50 Lacs Clinical
3 American University of Antigua (AUA - Manipal group of Education) Antigua 80 Lacs 50 Lacs Clinical
Sr. No. University Location Basic Program Cost Rotation Cost Rotation
1 Spartan Heath Science University. St. Lucia 30 Lacs 30 Lacs Clinical
2 International American University. St. Lucia 40 Lacs 40 Lacs Clinical
Sr. No. University. Location. Basic Program Cost Rotation Cost. Rotation.
1 Avalon Medical School. Curacas All below 30 Lacs. 5 Lacs Observership, Not approved by MCI.
2 St. Martinus University. Curacas 5 Lacs Observership, Not approved by MCI.
3 Alexander Medical School. Barbados 5 Lacs Observership
4 Premier Hopkins (Formerly AIMU). St. Lucia 5 Lacs Observership. Reports of Scam.
5 Central American University. Belize. 5 Lacs. Observership. High criminal record. Unsafe

You may contact us to help you select the right university for a better future in medical stream abroad. We can help you get the admission to study MBBS in abroad in many other countries, just in case USA is expensive for you.

Important Guide For The Students To Choose MBBS In Usa Program.

It is more or less certain that by 2018, most residency programs in USA will only consider students, with a 140 credit hours Bachelors in Science degree (BS) before MD degree, eligible for residency in USA. This would definitely compel the students return back to India since it is not accepted as per USMLE norms.

The pre medical program is avoided by the Caribbean Medical Schools / University just to ensure that the costs become lesser. The Indian students looking for low cost medical program in USA are trapped. It is a big scam which must be shared with the aspiring doctors from India.

Do not choose low cost Caribbean Medical schools. It may be better to go to Top graded MBBS in abroad programs in other countries. Do not be desperate to go to USA and make a mistake! If your budget is lesser than Rs. 60 Lacs, either opt for an Education Loan or choose other countries for MBBS in Abroad.

Beware of agents who play with the life and career of students. They would offer direct entry to 4 year MD program. These agents would provide bogus explanations like 12th Standard students get 90 Credit hours of coursework. This is not 'college level study' and hence not applicable. Know the difference between the Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation.Simply trying to save one year tuition fees during Pre Medical program (16 Months) is dangerous. Your degree is absolutely not valid anywhere in the world. For example, you cannot do Masters without completing Bachelor level and neither can you do both simultaneously.

Choose MBBS In USA Program Is As Per USMLE.

The Indian students looking to study MBBS in USA must understand the difference in Observership Vs. Clinical Rotation. It is actually very easy to ensure your correct selection of the Caribbean medical School.

  • The Indian students should choose the program with 4 trimesters at Pre Medical level.
  • The last 2 years in the teaching hospital is CLINICAL ROTATION and not OBSERVERSHIP. The university must give you in writing that they would provide you the clinical rotations.
  • The students must accept the Green Book Clinical Rotations to study medicine in USA.
  • The students must check the ACGME approvals of the teaching hospitals provided by the university for successful residency match for PG level in USA.

You have the legal right once the university confirms the clinical rotation in your 4th and 5th year.

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