“The Day of Reckoning at hand – NEET 2018 on May 6th!” CBSE has declared the Date for the holding of the common Medical Entrance test that will decide the extent of manifestation of dreams of all Indian youth who wish to make careers in Medicine. True but not quite! Before we understand why it is ‘not quite true’, let’s get a grip on reality, and what is more realistic than Numbers? NEET 2017 saw more or less 10 Lac Registrations – a formidable number indeed! Of these, how many reach the point of realization of dreams of becoming Doctors? Approximately 64,000. That is the ballpark number of MBBS seats available in India, less than 30,000 of these being Government seats that would be easily affordable. Moksh extends heartiest congratulations to these fortunate few who will manage to cross the line and enter the circle of reverence. But, can anybody help but reach out to the hoards of competent young minds that could have been assets to Medicine but their path is blocked just because they didn’t perform too well in Current Electricity or Optics, or they couldn’t cram up the various Oxides Nitrogen makes and their properties? Its time to convince your soul that from now on, you will let no body tell you that you are not good enough. Only those dreams are worth holding on to that you actually crave for. The best part is - Moksh has created channels for you that would actually give you solutions that would make you world-class Medical professionals. Keep preparing for NEET 2018 and give it your best shot. Nothing can be done if you don’t appear in it. And then, irrespective of your score, let Moksh make sure that you have better and bigger dreams than ever before!

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