MBBS in China Generally the Indian students go to study MBBS in China only if they do not get their admission in the Indian medical colleges or private medical colleges in India. However, the Chinese universities have great advantages and few disadvantages as well to study MBBS program.     Advantages / Merits:
  1. No donation or capitation fees required
  2. All MCI approved universities are government funded meaning the cost of tuition fees is very low in comparison to Indian private colleges ranging from Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 4.5 Lacs per year
  3. Extremely low living cost almost similar to Indian living cost of around s. 7,000 per month.
  4. There is no entrance test requirement to get the admission and the admission is done only on the basis of 12th PCB marks ranging between 75% upward.
  5. World class infrastructure on the campuses across China
  6. Every hostel has Indian students studying MBBS in China (in MCI approved universities)
  7. The MBBS in China degrees issued by the Universities is approved by WHO and many other medical council across the world allowing you to work anywhere in China, India and many other countries.
  8. International students giving inter-cultural experience.
  9. South China has weather which is very similar to India.
  10. Huge population gives great opportunity for the medical students to get exposed to large patient inflow in affiliated hospitals which are extremely large in size such as 8,000 hospital beds.
Disadvantages / Demerits:
  1. The students need to learn Chinese language as an additional subject up to HSK-4 level to ensure interaction with the patients in the hospital. The language is a part of the program and there are no additional fees for the same but it is not similar to English at all.
  2. China has more than 35% of the universities in MCI approved list which are ‘C’ grade and offer very low quality education and experience. It makes it mandatory to select the university very carefully.
  3. English speaking capability and accents is not of good quality making it difficult for the students to understand especially till they have learnt HSK-2 level themselves.
  4. In the hospitals, international students are not allowed to touch the patients during internship and instead it works out to be only a kind of observer-ship.
  5. The training is done on only dummies and not on dead bodies making it difficult for the students to get real experience.
  6. After returning back from China, the students have to give the MCI screening Test. The average passing ratio for MBBS in China universities is 90% from ‘A’ grade, 55% from ‘B’ Grade and 15% from ‘C’ Grade. However, the number of seats in ‘B’ & ‘C’ is almost 850 while in ‘A’ grade it is only 350. You can imagine the rush to MBBS in China and why the seats get full so quickly!
In case you are not confident to pass MCI screening test, you may opt for MBBS in USA to ensure that you would not be required to give MCI screening test. This is especially for the case of the students who waited for the Indian results to be announced and did not apply simultaneously for the admission to China MBBS courses. They are left with USA as their last option.

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