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University Grade wise NEXT Results

University Grade wise NEXT Results

Why China fared worst in MCI Screening Test? On assessing deeper to understand the reasons behind students from China performing so badly on MCI screening test, it was understood that China has 45 MCI approved universities out of which almost 15 universities are falling in C+ / C grade parting with low quality education. The passing ratio from these low graded universities was only around 7%! Further, Out of around 1200 Seats in China offered up to 2014, these low graded universities offered around 45% of the total seats for Indian student. In nutshell, 45% of the Indian students who opted to study MBBS in China chose wrong universities due to low cost offers! However, if you look at the data for higher graded universities from China and compare it with lower grade of Russia, students who did their MBBS in China fared much better than Russia! So we conclude that it is not only the country but also the university selection which is very important for you to pass FMGE by NBE. Check the University Grades to understand how the cost of studying MBBS abroad depends on the Grade of the university and the chart clearly shows you how the success ratio of passing drops in case of "C" Grade Universities.

Grade wise MCI Screening Test Passing

Another reason with the students in China finding MCI screening test difficult was to study language which is completely different than the English. That took away a lot of time from their real study time. Russian language also needs to be learnt but it is far easier to learn in the first 6 semesters than to study Chinese language. Many students do feel that due to this language issue, Philippines is a better choice. It is completely a promotional effect of the agents. In reality, 25%+ of the students who went to pursue MBBS in Philippines returned back after 16 months since they could not pass NMAT exam (local Philippines screening test) which is mandatory to be taken up before promoting to MBBS program. Also, those who passed NMAT, the FMGE result were only 8% as shown in the chart -1. Now this was due to low quality of education since the grade of most of the universities in Philippines is either ‘B’ or ‘C’. We suggest you not to choose lower grade universities in China and apply early to get hold of the seats in A / B graded universities only when you decide to study MBBS overseas.


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