MBBS in Georgia fee | Top 7 MBBS Universities in Georgia

What does a good NEET score get you? Admission to one of the best medical universities in India - is probably the answer that comes to your mind. Let me ask you another question,

What does an average/bad NEET score get you? A little confused, right?

It can get you admitted to the best medical universities in Georgia! Yes, you heard that right.

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, has managed to offer the cheapest MBBS courses for aspirants all around the globe. From 3.5 to 5 lakh per annum. MBBS in Georgia fee is probably low and affordable.

But, low tuition fees don’t mean lower education quality. MBBS in Georgia is supplemented with fabulous infrastructure, 1-year internship program and a world-class teaching environment.

This article will talk about the fee structure, living cost, and why you should choose Georgia over any other country for MBBS.

So, let’s dive into it!

Top 7 MBBS Universities in Georgia and their fee structure

In this section, we will discuss some top medical universities in Georgia and their fee structure. Along with this, we will also throw some light on the living cost and the accommodation charges while studying in Georgia.

Note that the table talks about the total expenses a student can face in their first year.

Sr No. Name Tuition fees Hostel and Food fees Insurance Fees Total fees
1 Georgian American University 4,16,308.75 1,89,231.25 7,569 6,13,108
2 David Tvildiani Medical University 6,05,520 1,05,000 7,569 7,18,089
3 Geomedi Medical University 3,97,372.5 1,89,231.25 7,569 5,94,173
4 New Vision University, Georgia 4,90,000 70,000 7,569 5,67,569
5 Tbilisi State Medical University 4,81,856 1,89,231.25 7,569 6,78,656
6 AIETI Medical School 5,01,620 46,000 7,569 5,55,189
7 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University 4,20,000 70,000 7,569 4,97,569


3 Reasons why you should study MBBS in Georgia

We discussed some of the best medical universities of Georgia and their fee structures in the previous section. It becomes important for us to know why to study MBBS in Georgia.

Here, we provide the three reasons to ensure that your decision to study MBBS in Georgia is the best possible decision.

  • Over 15 Georgian medical universities are approved and recognised by WHO, UNESCO and NMC (National Medical Commission). This makes it loud and clear that Georgia provides quality educational services.
  • Georgia is safe. This point is important because we have been constantly threatened by heinous crimes that take place. Georgia is among the very few countries that have the lowest crime rates.
  • Getting admission to Georgian Medical Universities is relatively easy. They don’t expect you to be very good at NEET. A decent NEET score and 50% plus in a 10+2 examination with PCB will ensure a seat in a good MBBS college in Georgia.

Top 5 cheapest Medical Universities in Georgia

Now that you are convinced that Georgia is the best option for MBBS, let’s discuss some affordable medical universities in Georgia.

The following table will summarize the annual fees and the total fees of the five universities discussed.

Sr No. Name 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total Fees
1 New Vision University 5,29,830 4,91,985 4,91,985 4,91,985 4,91,985 24,97,770
2 European University, Georgia 3,63,312 3,63,312 3,63,312 3,63,312 3,63,312 18,16,560
3 Akaki Tsereteli State University 5,01,620 5,01,620 5,01,620 5,01,620 5,01,620 25,08,100
4 David Tvildiani Medical University 5,60,000 5,60,000 5,60,000 5,60,000 5,60,000 28,00,000
5 Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University ,90,000 4,90,000 4,90,000 4,90,000 4,90,000 24,50,000


Is it worth doing MBBS in Georgia?

After extensively researching and knowing the fee structures of the best MBBS universities of Georgia, it becomes necessary to tackle this question, is Georgia worth it, considering the fees and the quality of education?

Well, let me back my arguments with some facts.

  • Medical Universities in Georgia are governed by the Medical Council of India, WHO and other eminent medical bodies.
  • It is among the top 10 safest countries in the world
  • Georgia has a 100% VISA approval rate
  • The MBBS program offered includes a 1-year internship
  • Excellent placement records

These are just some of the things that make Georgia the best place for MBBS. To make your vision clear, check out our video on the same.


The article pretty much summarizes everything about MBBS in Georgia fee and the best medical universities in Georgia. Best MBBS universities, their fee structures, living costs, Insurance fees, and why you should study in Georgia.

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