Admission is open for 2024-25


23 Lacs

MBBS Aspirants in India in 2024


Chance to get a MBBS Seat in Govt College

1 Cr+

Fee in Private Medical Colleges in India


Medical Univ in in 25+ Countries to Explore

Reasons to study abroad


Difficult Journey to Get an MBBS Seat in India

Getting admission to an MBBS course in any Govt medical college in India is a highly competitive process, with a success rate of less than 2.5%. The number of aspirants is increasing every year, and the cutoff marks are getting higher every year, regardless of the category the student belongs to. Even after multiple attempts, students face a difficult choice: either to keep trying or give up their dream of pursuing an MBBS and consider alternative courses.

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Unaffordable Fees in Private Medical Colleges

India has more than 350+ private Medical colleges. MBBS Seats cost more than 1 Cr, and Deemed Universities even cost up to 1.5 Cr, which is very difficult to afford for a middle-class family. Repeated attempts for NEET mean getting into more competitive scenarios where freshly prepared aspirants are also in the race. Please remember that the Medicine journey will go up to Medical PG, where a seat in Private Medical colleges goes as high as 2-3 Cr.

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MBBS Abroad an Option to Pursue Your Dream?

If you feel you are born to become a doctor and don’t want to settle for less, there are still ways to become a good Doctor from Global Medical University. Use precious years of your life to study MBBS rather than further wasting in repeated attempts of NEET. Like India, every country has its own healthcare system and creates quality doctors from their medical universities to serve their citizens by meeting global medical education norms. You can choose 200+ Universities from 25+ Countries on a budget as low as 1.25 Lacs/ Sem.

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Why MOKSH Webinar?

Selecting a medical university can be more complicated than one might think. Unfortunately, many agents place students in the wrong universities or countries for their own financial gain. Therefore, ensuring that the university you choose in your preferred country meets the NMC guidelines for MBBS Abroad is crucial. Remember that not all universities or countries are equally good. If you're looking for honest guidance on how to select a good university with a PG pathway to the USA or UK attend India's most popular MBBS Counseling session from the CEO of MOKSH. Their counselling has benefited more than 75,000 MBBS aspirants so far

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