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Reasons to study in georgia


Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

There are more than 20 medical universities in Georgia offering a high quality of education along with many years of teaching experience to Indian students. There are around 14,000 Indian students currently pursuing medicine in Georgia. Also, an American MBBS program is offered at the University of Georgia for students who wish to study PG in USA. It is an integrated MBBS + USMLE program which enables students to prepare for their PG while studying MBBS. It is a one of a kind program with limited scholarships for Indian students!

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How to get scholarship for MBBS in Georgia?

The University of Georgia is offering an American MBBS program with huge scholarships for Indian students. The program includes MBBS + USMLE Coaching ( sponsored by the university) afterwhich the students can move to USA to complete their residency. The complete program costs $9000 for 6 years and $3000 scholarship on that is being offered. Hence, Indian students can study the American MBBS program for $6000 in Georgia. Students who are interested to get this scholarship can download the MOKSH Career planner app and register for the test!

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Prepare for your PG during MBBS in Georgia!

One of the major blunders Indian students make is that they fail to plan and prepare for their PG studies promptly. This realization often dawns on them too late, making securing a Medical PG seat in India difficult. Obtaining a Medical PG seat is more challenging than an MBBS degree. Furthermore, an MBBS degree holds little value without specialization. It is advisable to start preparing for exams such as USMLE, MRCP UK, Medical PG in Germany, or NEET-PG in the first year of Medical College. This approach guarantees a clear roadmap to a highly successful medical career and offers opportunities to practice in different parts of the world.

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MOKSH is a top overseas education consultancy in India that is listed on the NSE and has offices across the country. They have successfully placed over 2000 students in countries such as the USA, Poland, Romania, China, Egypt, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Germany, Mauritius, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, etc., for MBBS. MOKSH not only ensures MBBS admission but also prepares students for global licensing exams such as USMLE, MRCP UK, Germany, and NEET-PG in India.

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