Lifestyle in Germany

Lifestyle in Germany

Germany attracts people from foreign lands because of its diverse culture, traditions, and beverages too!

If you’re thinking of pursuinghigher education in Germany, then you must get ready for some eye opening experiences. Staying in Germany is a fascination in itself. People prefer to study in Germany because as there are some of the best course to study in Germany as well as it charges no tuition fee and if any, the cost is minimal. Therefore, this makes your stay affordable and amazing at the same time.

The costs you have to bear include house rent, travel and food cost, etc. The house rent may range between 350-500 Euros depending on your taste of living. Moreover, students prefer to share apartments for the purpose of saving money.

As a student, you can avail of many benefits in Germany. For instance, the German universities for international students provide them a travel ticket by which they can travel within the city without paying any cost or if they do not provide such tickets, then one can get them from the local transport office. Further, you can visit tourist places, swimming pools, theatres, coffee shops etc. at a discounted rate!

While you’re living in a foreign land, you must have your insurance done. This will certainly safeguard you from any undesirable consequence regarding your health. A health insurance in Germany may cost you around 80 to 100 Euros according to the plans available.

To sum up, let’s say that living in Germany can be affordable and wonderful at the same time. You get to experience a life which is totally different from your previous one. Thus, all these habits, be it a material or an immaterial one will serve you as a life changing experience altogether.