Health Insurance


You must have your health insurance done in case you’re planning to pursue higher education in Germany. It is required while your enrollment in a university or if you’re planning to reside there. So just make sure you’ve your health insurance done in Germany.


The EHIC (or European Health Insurance Card) allows you to access healthcare programs while your stay in Germany. Health insurance policies of countries like Serbia, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Turkey, etc.

The Studentenwerk is a non-profit organization that handles student affairs in Germany. To cover more than one university, it is organized at local levels. By handling, we mean that it provide services to students in terms of cultural, social and medical aspects. Hence, International students can also get their health insured with the help of Studentenwerk.

However, the health insurance plans from other nations might be accepted in Germany. You should inquire with your health insurance company for further information. In such cases, you have to validate your health insurance in Germany. In order to validate it, you must get in touch with a health insurance provider in Germany prior to your enrollment in university and ask him to issue a letter for the purpose of verification of your insurance.

One must also know that if such confirmation is issued, then he lose the chance of signing up for German health insurance.


Well, if you already have insurance and if it is not accepted in Germany. Then you have to take the German health insurance plan which may cost you around 80 Euros till the age of thirty or before you’ve completed your 14th semester. Otherwise, it costs you more than a hundred and fifty Euros!

To sum up, one must have his health insurance done before preparing for Germany. For more information, you should approach the university in which you are enrolling or your health insurance company.