This is a question, you must definitely consider carefully. Every country has its own Pros and Cons. I would advise you to consider following things before you conclude this issue: 1. Cost to study (Include hostel & living costs as well). It starts with Rs. 12 Lacs in Kyrgyzstan up to Rs. 50 Lacs in USA. 2. Grade of the university selected is an important factor. Compare apple to apple. Like you can not compare B Grade in Russia with A grade of China. Else, quality Vs. price Issue can not lead to the right conclusion. Do not believe any agent claiming you admission with lower marks for MBBS IN CHINA. Even the worst university is not giving admission below 70%. 3. MCI screening test. Will you get the coaching DURING 6 years program? If not, you are taking a big risk. Coaching may be physically in that country or on-line. but it should be there! Or you can choose MBBS IN USA. in which you are absolved from the MCI screening test appearance. 4. Weather conditions is countries like Russia can become a big problem unless you are from North India and used to cold temperatures. for MBBS IN RUSSIA. please choose 'A' grade and in bigger cities like Moscow. Do not choose universities in smaller places. In Russia, smaller universities have MBBS teachings in Russian language from 4th year onwards. So please be careful. 5. Admission to MBBS - not to any other university. For example,MBBS IN PHILIPPINS. is actually for the BS in Psychology and unless you pass NMAT exam after 16 months, you can not enter MBBS so many Indians return back. One last important suggestion- Do not pay any advance to any agent for taking admission abroad. You may attend counseling webinar on this subject Best of luck,

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