Bounce To Bali


You would be shocked to know that around 7 million tourist visit Bali per year! Even you may have heard from people raving about their spectacular experiences in Bali. But, what makes this Indonesian Island so popular among worldwide travellers? Well, the answer lies in its tropical climate, fascinating beaches, warm hearted Balinese people and counting!


Bali is a province of Indonesia as well as the most popular destination in the Indonesian region for spending holidays. Moreover, Bali is known for its ancient culture which can be observed in its traditional practices, religious sentiments and warm hospitality. The native of Bali are called Balinese. They are known to be very friendly and kind as they are always willing to start a conversation with the travellers. You can feel at home during your youth travel to Bali because of their affable nature. Bali’s population ranges around 4 million. The majority of Balinese are from Hindu background, while many non-Hindus migrate to Bali from the islands of Java and Lombok. A large part of the population is from southern coastline with more than 350,000 Balinese dwellers. Farming is largely practiced by Balinese people. Other professions like fishing, trading, etc. are also practiced with changing times. Organizations called ‘Banjar’ take decisions upon celebrations like marriages, art festivals and funeral ceremonies as well. The Balinese government and Banjar together administer the daily routine of other institutions. All the healthcare program, construction work, schools and colleges are managed by the Balinese government whereas the Banjar holds the responsibility for the rest of the job. ‘Subak’ is another institution that works under the governance of Banjar that deals with jobs such as production of rice and irrigation task. It is also mandatory in Bali that all those families that are into the rice production job are obliged to be a member of the Subak of their locality. Bali is also home to innumerous spiritual temples as the predominant religion in Bali is Hinduism. Bali experiences a tropical monsoon climate with a bright sunshine throughout the year. The average temperature in Bali ranges from 20° to 33° Celsius. Besides, Bali offers you some of the fascinating shopping destinations where you can buy traditional artifacts, wood carvings, textiles and many other commodities at a very affordable rate. So make sure you have an additional suitcase with you. Bali offers a wide variety of flora and fauna too. Some of the most common floras you will find in the north coast of Bali are banyan trees and tamarind trees. While the south coast is home to mangrove trees and acacia (flame tree). The wide variety of fauna in Bali comprises of monkeys, mouse deer, elephants and more than 300 species of birds! One thing without which your youth travel to Bali is incomplete is the endless number of paradise beaches. They not only attract you because of their aesthetic beauty but offer a lot of fun activities such as surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more!


The culture of Bali plays an intrinsic role in its grandeur. The roots of the culture of Bali are rooted way deeper than they appear on the surface. The ancient customs & traditions, rituals, ceremonies, dance art, literature all together put in place the graceful culture of this magical island. The cultural delicacy of the Balinese island can be further observed in the artworks of Tjokot, who was considered as a genius of wooden carvings. People often adore his exotic works which he used to make with no special tools but a chisel and mallet. Religion lies in the soul of Balinese People. Hinduism is the predominant religion practiced in Bali with more than 80% Hindus in the Indonesian Island. Besides, Bali is known for its spectacular dance performances such as Wali dances, Bebali dances, etc. which portray a story using the whole body. Tembang are the traditional songs of Bali. They are an integral part of the culture of Bali. These ancient songs became popular even before the arrival of Hinduism and Buddhism ideology in Bali. Another aspect of Balinese culture is the Wayang, which is the name of traditional puppet theater based on ancient manuscripts. Wayang are generally performed for entertainment purposes. However, various ceremonies involve Wayang’s performance too. Wayang are of two types, namely Wayang Kulit and Wayang Wong. A glimpse of its culture can also be seen in the festivals that occur frequently throughout the year. For instance, anniversaries are celebrated by temples after every 6 Gregorian months based on the 210 days long Balinese calendar. There are many further occasions such as monster parade or the mass kissing festival! The beliefs of Balinese people are such that man exists in a cycle of birth, life, death and again birth. And this cycle continues until he attains ‘Moksh’ and thus, his soul is unified with God.


Travelling to a new destination may be jumpy for you because of some reasons. You might feel homesick while your stay or you may face situations where you don’t know how to react. However, all this issues can be resolved if you have some local support with yourself. For this purpose, Moksh Youth Travel to Bali organizes host families for you through which you can learn about the customs and traditions of the nation more deeply. The host family gives you a homely vibe as well as interacts with you and tells you about the tales of their culture. Therefore, due to their soft-hearted nature, you can never feel nostalgic in a country like Bali. As there has been a rapid growth of foreign students in Bali, the number of international schools has also increased. It is also important to mention the fact that Bali is a very safe place to visit. Terrorist attacks have also been occurred in Bali in the past decade. Anyway, there haven’t been any such incidents since 2005. However, pickpocketing and other petty thefts often happen in Bali, yet foreign visitors haven’t faced any such troubles with the local public. Nevertheless, it is always preferred to not leave your luggage anywhere in an alien country. Adventures through private cars have been increased in the recent years. However, public transport is yet more popular plus reliable for getting around. The most popular mode of public transport is ‘Bemo’ which is a type of minibus. Through Bemos, you not only experience an amazing adventure at an affordable cost, but you get to interact with the Balinese people as well.


More than sightseeing, it is an exploratory Bali group travel, where you immerse into a new culture and explore a city, not like tourists in Bali but like a local! When you are a tourist of Bali, eat the Balinese cuisines, become a part of a Balinese festival, live the language like it’s your own! Through a cultural tour, you get a front line view of the native history, art, architecture, religion etc. Typically, a cultural tour may be urban or rural or both. The purpose of such Cultural Bali tours would be to have a Global exposure all by yourself or you can join group tour in Bali with your close friends & learn the minute details of the Balinese way of Life along with the top tourist destinations in Bali!


Anybody, who is 17 years old and above, is welcome, without any exceptions!


Balinese language lessons are conducted throughout the tour so that the students can interact with the locals and enhance their knowledge about their culture. Moreover, it allows them to blend in their culture in a better way and understand the particulars of their customs and traditions in a more desirable manner.


Speaking of accommodation, the hotels and resorts in Bali are built for the purpose of matching the aesthetic beauty of the natural wonders of the Island of the Gods. Although Bali is a very popular holiday destination, you can find a room for in your desired hotel with ease as there is an oversupply of hotel rooms in Bali. Besides, due to the price wars among the hotels, the prices of hotels become affordable in Bali. From lavish resorts with splendid swimming pools to affordable hotel rooms, you say it, Bali has it all! Budget travellers mostly prefer hostel accommodation as they are affordable. One can find plenty of hostels in the tourist areas in Bali. Beds are offered in shared dorms. However, you can stay in a private room with a shared washroom if you spend a little bit more. Low cost accommodation can also be found in Losmens. These are family operated bungalows, or say guesthouses. They are a very good option for staying in the rural areas. Plus, you can interact with the local Balinese people and other international travelers as well. Besides hotels, people also prefer to rent private villas which give them a fancy feeling during their stay in Bali. These villas are furnished in traditional Balinese style. If you have got the money to spend, you can choose a villa with a private swimming pool as well as a private staff too! The most popular places for budget as well as high-end accommodations include Kuta, Sanur and Seminyak. The Kuta region offers plenty of options for accommodations, some fascinating shopping destinations and a never ending night life as well. The beaches in the Kuta region are very well known for surfing and other water sports. Sanu is one of the oldest tourist towns of Bali and has managed to preserve its pristine atmosphere and traditional culture. The white sand beaches of Sanu have always been a peaceful alternative to the crowded beaches of the Kuta region. While the medium priced accommodations stands out as an affordable alternative to the lavish hotels of Seminyak. The Seminyak is more of a peaceful region. It is located further up the coast from the Kuta region. The pristine beaches, classy bars and delightful accommodations together enhance the glamour of this region. Other popular places comprises of the Bukit peninsular, the Ubud region and many more.


The Balinese cuisines are a blend of a variety of spices, vegetables, meat and fishes. Some of the Balinese delicacies are famous across the globe such as-

  • Sate Lilit: It is a dish prepared from chopped meat. You can even replace meat with beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. It is then marinated with lemon juice, coconut milk, spices and pepper and grilled on charcoal.
  • Ayam and Bebek Betutu: The Bebek Betutu is a ceremonial dish of Bali. The cooking time of this dish is so long that you have to inform the chef one day before you would like to eat it. The ingredients include roasted chicken and duck that are served with rice or veggies and traditional spices too.
  • Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur: This Balinese dish is found at almost every warung (street eatery). It is a type of chicken rice prepared with different Balinese elements such as babi buling and veggies, accompanied with a bowl of soup.
  • The Jimbaran Seafood: The array of Beachside restaurants in the Jimbaran Bay is popular for serving fresh seafood that encompasses a lot of variety like shrimps, lobsters, clams and a miscellany of fishes. But what sets it apart from
  • other dishes is the secret recipe of every chef’s barbecue sauces, often known as ‘homemade sambals’. And this is how it has got the name ‘Sambal Seafood – Jimbaran Style’.

Be it a Warung (street stalls) or a lavish restaurant, Bali will never fail to amaze you in terms of its food. Along with amazing food, Bali offers some of the incredible and world’s best restaurants too!


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