When a student is applying to study MBBS abroad he/she expects more radiant and exciting career. MOKSH will help you in accomplishing the mistakes to avoid while applying for MBBS abroad. Such an endeavor not only benefits the career but also enhances the overall personality of an individual.

Since pursuing MBBS in foreign country is such a crucial step in student’s career MOKSH is always there for you. If you make any mistake that may cause you to fail, we always have your back. If you seek a career in medicine, you are in certainly in the right place.

This blog will educate you about the mistakes to avoid while applying for MBBS Abroad:


Students believe getting a visa is a surety, and take getting it for granted which becomes a major concern in the end. This may happen when visa application gets rejection because of different procedural or documentation requirement. MOKSH recommends students to apply as soon as they get an acceptance letter from the university. Keep in mind, students should consistently get in touch with the embassy of the country they’ve applied for.


As this is your first time when you apply for an abroad university, there may be possibilities that you submit the wrong document. MOKSH advices you to translate all your documents in English, convert the grades properly, get the documents notarized, etc. In case you face any issue feel free to contact MOKSH experts.


If you are planning to work part-time or full-time while studying MBBS in abroad, make sure the university you select allows you to work in the campus. Research about the same and consider it a vital part of admission as you are planning to work while studying.


While looking for the admission for MBBS in abroad many students try for the scholarship. MOKSH advises you never to believe the consultancy that provides scholarship on behalf of university. However MOKSH conducts scholarship test which offers you great amount of scholarship, flight ticket, books etc. To know more click here.

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