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  • Structured Live coaching

    The review video library for 19 subjects as per MBBS Syllabus is divided into multiple topics. The short conceptual videos at subtopic level made available for review. The test preparation is conducted keeping a new NEXT exam for doctors with a pattern to suit a comprehensive curriculum. Complete NEXT exam preparation on live online class with top faculties for students studying abroad. The medicos pursuing MBBS in India majorly use these live classes for revision purposes.

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  • Individual Technology platform

    The AI based technology allows the system to track individual student progress for NEXT Exam. The weakness identifier works for each of the students independently and allows you to remove them. Auto assignments are pushed to you based on your weaknesses.

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  • Full course with Live Class

    The only company to provide Live online class with experienced clinical faculties. Hundreds of expert guidance sessions for NEXT exam throughout the journey. Doubt submission & personal notes creation while attending the live class!

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What makes MOKSH special?

  • 01

    Learning based on understanding

    We at Moksh have both structured the Moksh NEXT Online Training module and interspersed the practice questions in it in a way so as to ensure that you comprehend the concepts instead of cramming them up. The learning is reinforced when you repeat and revise.

  • 02

    Consistent Practice Mode for sure-shot success

    We realize that when you are preparing for a computer based exam like NEXT, you need as much real time practice of question-solving as possible. We aim at familiarizing you with challenges like tackling questions you are unsure of, keeping in mind the bane of being marked negatively for taking wrong guesses.

  • 03

    Cross-referenced and complete elimination of errors

    We understand the bliss an aspirant feels during practice when she feels that she is in safe hands as far as authenticity of the content of the practice material is concerned. Like every module of Moksh, the content and questions here have been meticulously reviewed time and again at different levels to ensure nothing is erratic. Also, we have provided references to source material and books, so that you may confirm them all.

  • 04

    Practice Questions with high probability

    We make sure that none of our practice questions are there just for the purpose of showing numbers in order to project that we have a huge collection of questions. On the contrary, the questions featuring in the modules of Moksh have a high possibility of featuring in the question paper in the actual exam.

  • 05

    Enforced Learning due to unique module structure

    Based on latest research findings, we have inculcated the concept of subtle periodic revision of complicated concepts where we re-expose you to these tricky ideas so that you learn them smoothly without having to re-read much. Revising can be cumbersome and monotonous we believe!

  • 06

    Rapid rise in popularity of the module

    Over a short span of time, the Moksh NEXT Online Training module has gained immense popularity, mostly through ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity, and this is the best form of publicity especially when it comes to education products. Jump on the wagon and sail smoothly to success!

  • 07

    The secret is the quality of expertise

    Indeed, for success, an educational product must have a profoundly strong conglomeration of experts and mentors and this is what is extra-ordinary when it comes to the intellect supporting the Moksh NEXT Online Training module. All the experts are highly qualified doctors who have achieved distinction in the field of Medicine.

  • 08

    Systematically catalogued content for a superior learning experience

    The collection of the brilliant practice questions featuring in the Moksh NEXT Online Training module is not just a shapeless mass of MCQs. The questions are created and catalogued in such a way that you can find your way to any of these in a jiffy. Of course, factors like adhering to the clinical approach when selecting questions and other pattern peculiarities have been prioritized.

  • 09

    And…You can customize your practice sessions

    Setting new benchmarks, the Moksh NEXT Online Training Module gives you the liberty to actually customize your practice sessions as per the level of preparation of a topic or even your state of mind. You can choose to attempt a series of simpler questions when you have not yet reached the expert level in a topic. We also provide tagged questions where you can choose to attempt questions from a specific sub-topic.

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What our students say…

  • Studying at HUST is a life time dream for most of the Chinese students and thanks to MOKSH, it became easy for me to get the admission. Do not pay any donation to agents. Just go for MOKSH!

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    Kunal David

    Got MD (Surgery) in Nagpur
  • Studying at A+ graded medical university in the heart of Moscow city is something you can not miss. Choose this university and you would know the difference in quality of education!

    testimonial 3

    Shreya Chinnamalla

    Got MS (Medicine) in Chennai
  • Moksh you made the application process so simple, that we hardly worried about anything. The amazing journey from COUNSELORS to FRIENDS is worth remembering. Cheers to you people!

    testimonial 3

    Gaurav Patil

    Got MS (Radiologist) in Mumbai
  • Getting complete guidance for MBBS in USA was very easy all thanks to MOKSH. They changed our perspective from MBBS to creating road map for MD / MS. I am now studying at Spartan at St. Lucia and confidently focusing to crack USMLE step 1 in 2019.

    testimonial 3

    Sumit Tikadar

    Got MD (Dermatologist) in Akola