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University Consulting

Indian education has grown leaps and bound in the last 15 years by opening up the education sector to the private sector wherein the infrastructure for the higher education grew due to high investment. However, during this period the quality of education was not maintained at the same level as that of the Central universities and Government colleges. Further, the fees of the private colleges are higher compared to the programs offered by the government aided institutions resulting in lower conversion of the students to their universities.

Every year, we note that many of the private institutions especially providing education in Engineering and MBA segment close down due to poor student admission. While few of the universities in India which are branded with large promotional budgets get themselves the students, many of them are on the verge of the failure.

One additional reason for the failure of the private universities is the employable programs and industry immersion for the students. Inability of the private universities to place the students to the industry for respectable employment is the key factor of failure of most of the universities. In this situation, our team at MOKSH has designed solution to revive the universities leading to two most important factors such as GROWTH and PROFITS.

At the moment, the solution is based in Internationalization of the university and student mobility on both the sides such as:

  • Launching joint programs leading to employment abroad
  • International student recruitment for short term and long term programs
  • Conduct Industry designed programs within university

In order to enroll Indian university and participate in this revolutionary program, MOKSH has created various schemes depending on the services required by them to implement the project of internationalization of their university.

We are looking for universities to become partner with us and make the best of the opportunity and fall in various categories such as:

  • Lower Graded Universities
    Universities having good infrastructure offering quality Engineering and Business programs but still striving for higher profitability and Growth in terms of student recruitment. These universities are generally able to recruit the students mainly from the local area and not from the other areas. The recruitment is through PUSH at the moment and the need is to create a PULL from the students allowing to jack up the tuition fees. These universities are able to attract no more than 1,000 – 2000 students.
  • Tourism Universities – Universities situated in Tourist locations can be promoted to the international students with various programs such as ESL (English language).
  • Skill Development Centers for launching short term programs for international students.

Do you wish to upgrade your universities? Download the basic offerings from MOKSH.


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