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Study in Germany in English


study in Germany in EnglishSince the study abroad trend among students has been increasing constantly, the universities abroad have started introducing new programs every year with respect to the interests of international students majorly. Study in Germany in English programs are one of these. Previously, students studying or planning to study in most of the Asian or European countries had to compulsorily study their native language and the study programs were mostly conducted in their own language. Thus, language barrier proved to be a matter of concern for international students and the number of students planning to study abroad was lesser in number. Due to this, many universities across the world realised this problem and decided to work on it by introducing the same study programs in English language. One must always take professional help in the matter of overseas education.

Why Study in Germany in English?

study-medical-pg-in-germany-in-englishMost of the students across the world have been studying in English since kindergarten level. It is very difficult for them to suddenly switch to another language of study. Germany was the first one along with a few other countries to introduce study in Germany in English programs. However, the importance of learning a foreign language hasn’t gone down in any way. The system has been made more convenient to all the students. It is not compulsory for international students to learn the language of that country. However, if one wants to live a comfortable life, socialise, work, travel and study in Germany, learning German is quite necessary so students go for language courses in the same university or learn German in their free time or even learn German before going to Germany in their colleges, language institutes or even through online education while in their home country.

Many Indian students go for this option and learn a basic level of German before going. They continue to study it after going to Germany as well. German universities offer study in Germany in English programs in Economics, social sciences, medicine, engineering, business and all other programs at undergraduate and even master’s level. Even the top universities in Germany have opened this as a new avenue for international students.

Why Indian students prefer to study in Germany.

As everyone knows, Germany has become a study hub for students due to its new “free education in Germany” reform and many international students have been considering Germany as their study destination, the German Government has tried its level best to ensure safety, security and well being of the students studying in Germany and take into account everyone’s interests and thus, Germany does not have a biased attitude towards its own people making it a pleasant country to stay, study, work and even settle down.

DAAD (German Exchange Service) displays all the required information on its official web page about All study programs in English language in Germany and related information about different German universities offering different study in English programs  and helps students to choose their university and study program and provides answers to other queries.

After one has decided on which of the universities in Germany they want to study at and which program suits them the best, they can visit the specific university web page and contact the person in charge for further details about the application process, admission deadlines, documents and entrance tests required and much more. All the research and applications must be done well in advance in order to avoid any confusion or mishaps.

Studying in Germany [Overview].


From an academic point of view, German education is  one of the best for education. University of Germany is among the top German universities which are famous worldwide. There are some of the other best universities in Germany also. Many students prefer to study medicine in Germany. There is a huge availability of scholarships in Germany. Scholarships are available for MBBS in Germany as well. Study in Germany for international students was always a great option. But now, there is a free MBA in Germany and free education in Germany.  Study in Germany for Indian students is also gaining popularity.

One must make it a point to study German up to a certain basic level of recognition before applying before applying to any of the top German universities. German universities ranking is on a very large scale due to a huge list of universities in Germany and a high level of progress by each of them. Studies in Germany is very different from studies in India. There are many universities in Germany for MS as people have realised that German universities for MS are as good as or in some cases better than most of the universities in the world. Along with the increase in the number of people who wish to study MBBS in Germany, Engineering in Germany is also very famous. Due to this, the number of engineering universities in Germany are on a rise since the past few years.

Government Universities vs Private Universities.

German study at the Government universities in Germany is way more practical, rational and realistic in nature. From the huge list of German universities, some of the best German universities are on the number 1 position across the globe. Study in Germany cost is quite affordable for its quality and system. Along with doing MS from Germany, international students prefer to study masters in Germany in any of the subjects. One must research well and make a list of the top 10 universities in Germany.

Public universities in Germany have minimal or no tuition fees on a general basis. Universities in Berlin come under the top universities in Germany for MS. There are many universities in Germany for PhD as well. MS in Germany cost at the technical universities in Germany is not very expensive. Medical universities in Germany are available in abundance. The cost of studying in Germany at any of the German colleges and universities depends on many different factors.

The first approach towards Germany.

One must visit a good overseas consultancy and handle things in a professional manner. There are many good education consultants in Delhi. Apart from overseas consultants in Delhi and Mumbai, one of the best consultancy in Hyderabad also exists which focuses on Study in Germany as the core program. One needs a tremendous amount of research on this topic in order to make a wise decision with no regrets.

In recent times, there are many universities in Germany for international students which encourage DAAD, Study in Germany and one must definitely research on it. Also, study in Germany in English has got high recognition. One must also research on and follow the German universities ranking. Many local as well as international students prefer to study engineering in Germany, MSc in Germany, MS in Germany for computer science as they are some of the core courses in Germany especially, MS Germany. The concept of study and work in Germany is also becoming highly popular as there is a huge availability of scholarships to study in Germany.

Benefits of Research [12 to 18 months prior].

Study at Germany in an international university in Germany can be a life time experience. Study in Germany scholarships at the top universities Germany can be a great achievement. ‘Master Germany’ is quite famous study program today. The process of university ranking in Germany must be studied deeply. The ranking of universities in Germany is of great value. There are many top engineering universities in Germany along with public universities in Germany for international students. There is a huge list of universities in Germany for international students. They have one of the best international master programs in Germany. There is a huge list of universities in Germany for MS. One must focus on the top 10 universities in Germany for MS. One must also focus and research well on:

  • The top 10 German universities
  • The best engineering universities in Germany
  • English colleges in Germany
  • Scholarships for masters in Germany
  • Top universities of Germany

Due to such a wonderfully designed system of education, programs such as MBA in Germany and Master’s in Germany have become very popular. Also, PHD in Germany and MS in Germany are two of the most popular programs in Germany currently.

Why study in Germany through MOKSH?

MOKSH is one of the top education consultant in Mumbai. There are very few overseas education consultants  which represents study in Germany on such a large scale. An already existing list of study in Germany consultants is present in India. There are many consultancies in Hyderabad and other Indian cities. MOKSH is one of the best. Thus, along with Mumbai, it also serves as a consultancy in Hyderabad and other cities.


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