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Engineering in GermanyWhat is engineering? The application of mathematics, empirical evidence and scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to invent, innovate design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components and processes.

Considering masters abroad? Need not worry! Acquiring new skills, and taking training opportunities is easier now. Post graduate overseas is developing day by day and easily accessible. Studying overseas will expand your horizons, explore a new country and a new culture and enhance your personality. Also, it will help you internationalize your CV and this will enhance your career opportunities.


Germany is an excellent destination if your desired subject is engineering as Germany provides excellent educational possibilities for international students with minimal or no  tuition at all and a great campus lifestyle. Also, the universities in Germany pack highly appealing and progressive infrastructure attracting students from all around the world to a friendly environment. Germany has the best engineering colleges providing great opportunities. Also, top most engineering universities are found in Germany. Mechanical engineering in Germany and medical engineering in Germany is acknowledged all around the world. Masters in automobile engineering in Germany has great scope and is given a lot of importance. Besides, German universities for masters in mechanical engineering provide great employment opportunities worldwide.


Universities in Germany offer the best engineering programs across the globe.  Engineering programs in Germany are available in two languages, English as well as German. Engineering in English, in Germany is highly expensive and would cost as much as or even more than studying engineering in USA but engineering in German language is absolutely free of tuition fees. Therefore, the process of studying engineering in Germany is as follows:

Engineering in Germany Roadmap


The cost of studying engineering in Germany is minimal due to the following reasons

  • The German language program tuition fees as well as the living cost is very low
  • The foundation program in Germany requires students to appear for an exam which would decide whether they get into a government foundation program or private foundation program. The students who get into the government foundation program will be exempted of tuition fees whereas the students getting into private foundation program will have to pay the tuition fees though it is quite low.
  • The 4 year engineering program would be completely free for local as well as international students.
  • After the first year, students can start working on part time basis and earn their own living. This would cut down the living costs as well for the following years.
  • The following costs would be applicable to all the students till the end of the 6th year which can be earned on their own.
  1. Tuition fee.
  2. Housing
  3. Food
  4. Study material
  5. Health and insurance and leisure.


The total cost for studying engineering in Germany would cost up to 13-15 lac. This includes MOKSH charges for counseling and guidance, travel and visa documentation as well as program costs and living costs.


Year – 1 Year – 2 Year – 3 Year – 4 Year – 5 Year – 6
A2 – B1 -B2 German


Tuition fees 4,50,000      0       0 0 0 0
Apartment 3,30,000 You can work on part time to earn your living cost!

(20 hours per week )

Living cost 2,50,000
MOKSH 250,000 0 0 0 0 0
Other costs 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000
Total 12,95,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000



  1. Contact MOKSH 
  1. Choose the correct university. Your interest and inclination should define which of the university you choose.
  2. Which university in Germany? Germany offers a multidimensional and vast ranking considering various criteria that are important from your point of view.
  3. Find a program by selecting a subject, a university or even a city in Germany.
  4. Contact the selected university. This will be the most important source of information. Exact details about eligibility, course duration, fee, application, procedure etc.
  5. Check the application deadline.
  1. Arrive in Germany at least a week prior to the date on which your course starts and contact the international office of your university guidance.
  2. Get your residence permit within the first three months of your stay in Germany from the foreigners registration office.


Throughout the world, there’s a great demand for highly qualified engineers. Also, one has a wide range of fields to work in. like, textile mills, construction factories or even ships and production and sales companies. Therefore there’s a great demand for engineers in every sector. A wide range of opportunities open up for you after completing your engineering in Germany. Civil engineering in Germany opens up job prospects for international students as well. Thus, MSC in civil engineering in Germany proves to be of great importance in the field of construction and more.


  1. Four- year Bachelor degree from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka.
  2. Some universities ask for your TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT scores depending upon the subject you choose to study.
  3. Universities will ask you for good German language skills.


Universities in Germany for engineering provide a wide range of specialization choices like, automobile engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering and more. Thus, top most universities in Germany provide great subject combinations.


MOKSH is one of the top education consultant in Mumbai. There are very few overseas education consultants  which represents study in Germany on such a large scale. Also, an already existing list of study in Germany consultants is present in India. There are many consultancies in Hyderabad and other Indian cities.Therefore, MOKSH is one of the best. Thus, along with Mumbai, it also serves as a consultancy in Hyderabad and other cities.


  1. 10th,11th, 12th standard mark sheets (original and xerox)
  2. Passport copy ( original and xerox)
  3. 3-4 Photo IDs
  4. Any identity apart from passport ( adhar card, PAN card, driving license, etc)


  • Counseling & Guidance
  • Placement into language program
  • Placement into engineering program
  • Accommodation assistance during Language program
  • Travel and visa Documentation
  • 24 x 7 Emergency assistance during your stay in Germany

Universities in Germany are famous for excellent education and great listings. Also, an engineering degree from Germany is recognized worldwide having a strong international focus offering  scholarships and special support with a friendly environment.



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