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Most of the people who visited our website asked us a common question. Why did we name it as moksh16? The simple reason is the students need our support the most once they turn 16 years. The confusion about their career starts creeping into their mind. By the time they are 18 you can feel their passion but can not judge the career path. The parents are always in dilemma with a need of a career guidance after 12th standard! But you may still not confident of many things leading to hazy decision making. It is time to a choose career planner.

Start your career counseling sessions. We have developed a systematic method and detailed assessment report for you to clear these confusions. We are one of the reputed career consultant and career planner. To make things easier, the career counseling online is now available along with the career test or more popularly known as career aptitude test.


Most of us in India do not go through the Career Guidance and counseling on the basis of an Aptitude test by a professional. Generally, we feel we already know what we wish to become. Of course, you know what you wish to become but you may be surprised to know the results of what could you probably are better at! Accordingly, career planning is quite an important aspect at a young age. The correct pathway to pursue the suggested, suitable or accepted academic program needs to be known.

Are you confused about your actual passion or your real potential and career inclination? Are you not sure about Science / Commerce or Arts at the age of 16 years? Or it is natural for one to be confused over either engineering or medical programs or liberal arts or commerce! Answer your worry on “what is the best career for me”.

  • What is your dream job?
  • What is your one biggest passion?
  • How would you know the suitable career for yourself?
  • Will you be able to cross the blocks on the way to reach the career suited to you?

Remember that the aptitude test questions and answers with an explanation are important for you. Just a guidance may not appeal to most of the common people. Go for MOKSH general aptitude test. We have a special focus on the students looking for a career in Medicine. Why all the aspirants not able to get admission to MBBS in India? It is a time that you talk to our expert counselor to help you plan career!


career guidanceYou do not need to worry about this anymore. The reliable, modern and tested scientific approach is now available. The aptitude questions help us to understand deeper on the functional capabilities of your mind! MOKSH has launched “On-Line Aptitude Tests” which would provide you with very clear guidance on your real passion and possible career options. Few of the top-notch psychologists have been constantly working for more than 3000 hours of quality time on the project. The quantitative aptitude questions are with MOKSH have been evolving over the last 17 years of experience. More than 10,000 students have taken the Career Test successfully! The aptitude test meaning actually consists of simple questions based on 6 different parameters leading to clarity on your mental inclination:

Activity Skills | Verbal Ability | Mechanical Reasoning | Spatial Reasoning | Numerical Reasoning | Analytical Reasoning.


The report generated at the end of this aptitude test online enables us to understand your level of capability. We place you in the right box or slot for our professional suggestions & inclinations. It is a combination of logical reasoning test, general aptitude questions, IQ test questions, and verbal reasoning test. A scientific approach will lead to a great career development for the students.


In the last 5 years, there has been a new trend in the corporate sector. The HR department of the companies generally need to know the mental inclinations, strengths, and weakness of their employees. The employees could be working with higher efficiency and productivity in case the management allocates the work as per the assessment. Psychometric testing is designed to find job-relevant information. You are revealed in various aspects which an interview wouldn’t be able to do. Psychometric online testing typically includes a combination of personality tests and aptitude. The psychometric test measures your job-relevant cognitive abilities and personality.

We ate MOKSH are happy to conduct the Psychometric test online for your employees. The test reports are generally end with a one to one session with the employee and finally with the management.


On completion of this, one can go through the Personality Test. After aptitude questions with answers session, we could suggest you the suitable career. We would draw a personality sketch designed by the test. The aptitude questions and answers given by you enables us deep insight into your mind. This test is the foundation of the Career Guidance.

The next available tool is “Interest Test” giving insight into the student’s possible passion leading to the success ratio projections. This is one of the core of the process for Career Guidance.

The last tool developed is the “Skill Test” which gives a fair idea on the possible success chances in the given environment of competition. To arrive at an honest Career Guidance, the planner must focus on this properly for you.

We would give you a test report within next 48 hours on-line and you can then revert back to us for the next level of the personalized report. Go for our special Medical Aptitude Test (MAT).